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  • Customers Are Not Commodities. Why Does Advertising Treat Them Like They Are? in Online Spin on 01/12/2017

    Technology is starting to transform marketing, starting with how enterprises talk to consumers. We have websites, ecommerce, email and mobile apps. It's so much easier for customers and marketers to proactively connect than ever before. Now that we have all of these digital touch-points and databases, marketers and their corporate information officers and finance officers are looking for models to organize and manage all of these marketing and advertising activities. And, quite naturally, they are looking for guidance to models that worked on other parts of their business. Not surprisingly, many have focused on what has worked for their supply chain and have tried to apply supply chain-oriented models to their "demand chain."

  • What 2017 Will Bring  in Online Spin on 12/09/2016

    Dave Morgan's predictions: from the rise of enterprise tech and STEM marketers to the fall of the term "programmatic."

  • Moving Past The Echo Chamber Of Our Own Jargon in Online Spin on 11/17/2016

    GRP. CPM. CPA. DSP. DMP. That is how we talk to each other. That is how we talk to our clients. That is a problem.

  • Just The Facts, Please -- In Our Industry As Well As Politics in Online Spin on 11/03/2016

    I've never before fully appreciated the importance of people and politicians grounding their analysis and arguments in facts and logic to the level I do now. There's nothing like a dizzyingly crazy U.S. presidential campaign, along with a spate of rhetoric-filled, emotional debates on issues like climate change, immigration, media partisanship, policing, race relations and the rise or fall of crime in America, to make you appreciate the importance of fact-based discourse.

  • Many TV Networks Growing -- Just Not The Big Ones in Online Spin on 10/20/2016

    Headlines about TV viewership have not been particularly positive. Common themes lately have been: "TV ratings plummeting," "NFL viewership in decline,""Millennials unplug from TV," or "Cord-cutting, cord-shaving growing." Then there's a big favorite lately: "TV can't deliver reach like it used to." While there's some truth in all of these ideas, they don't tell the whole story of TV viewership today.

  • The NFL Is Not Bulletproof in Online Spin on 10/06/2016

    What's behind the downturn in ratings for NFL games so far this season?

  • Keys To Transparency in Online Spin on 09/23/2016

    Everyone is pretty much past any notion that the ad industry doesn't have a transparency problem. We know it does. The issue has been around the U.S. biz in its latest forms for a number of years, and certainly got worse over the past five. And, thanks to the ANA, K2 and Ebiquity, the issue is now part of the discussion whenever and wherever industry folks get together. We will certainly hear a lot about it next week, when Advertising Week descends on New York City.

  • The Most Important Book I Read This Summer in Online Spin on 09/09/2016

    Like many of you, I suspect, I've been a bit bewildered by the amount of popular support for Donald Trump and his rhetoric. After reading Peter Drucker's "The End of Economic Man: The Origins of Totalitarianism," I have a much better understanding of Trump's rhetoric and the reception he's been given by portions of the American populace today.

  • Marketing Technology Will Collapse The Digital-Ad Supply Chain in Online Spin on 08/25/2016

    I've written a couple of times recently about my views on the rise of marketing technology and its implication for our industry. Lots of folks have been reacting to it, so I'm taking that as a message that I should continue to push forward on this meme. I believe that the rise of mar tech is going to have an enormous impact on the structure and operation of the digital advertising supply chain. Put simply, it will obliterate the supply chain as we know it today.

  • Will The 'Open' Set-Top Box Break The TV Ad Bundle? in Online Spin on 08/12/2016

    The "opening" up of the television set-top is getting a lot of attention these days. The Federal Communications Commission has called for pay TV providers to "open" up TV set-top box standards so that consumers can buy devices directly from third-party manufacturers, and President Obama added his very public support last week.

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  • What 2017 Will Bring by Dave Morgan (Online Spin on 12/09/2016)

    Thanks RJ. I do expect that the large enterprise tech folks will build out professional service capabilties i this area, startig with technology and data integration and following with strategy. Of course, they will also lean heavily on ccnsutling firms who they have worked with over the years, like McKinsey, Acdenture and others. Getting into creative services may not make as much sense to them, unless it is for focused on industrialized creative production, for example. I don't think that they want to be in unquantifable parts of the business.On the rpivacy front relative to the DMP being ingested into the CRM, I think that we'll see next gernation developments from folks like Axiom and Experion and Neustar that will help pave the way here, as well as moves from Oracle and other enterpise tech. They all deal with private and proprietary information salefly all day long.

  • Addressable TV: If It's So Smart, Why Isn't It Rich? by Ted McConnell (Online Spin on 12/01/2016)

    Great piece Ted! Spot on.

  • Just The Facts, Please -- In Our Industry As Well As Politics by Dave Morgan (Online Spin on 11/03/2016)

    Great point David. I do believe that some notion of self-evident "trust" is one of the elements that we've lost from our industry over the past 10 years. It used to be that you could start buyer-seller discussions with a base level of assumed trust and it remained until explicitly violated and folks didn't have to proactively investigate every claim in advance. We're certainly not there anymore. It's well past "trust, but verify." It's verify, verify, verify, and only then, maybe trust.

  • Just The Facts, Please -- In Our Industry As Well As Politics by Dave Morgan (Online Spin on 11/03/2016)

    I totally agree Ed. I'm hoping that 2017 brings even a tiny bit of sobriety in this relentless pursuit of romanticized Millennial customers who will never live up to their billing.

  • Just The Facts, Please -- In Our Industry As Well As Politics by Dave Morgan (Online Spin on 11/03/2016)

    Thanks Ari!

  • Many TV Networks Growing -- Just Not The Big Ones by Dave Morgan (Online Spin on 10/20/2016)

    Thanks Henry. I think that there is no question that we're seeing more daytime and overnight viewing as a result of both employment issues and changes in how people live and work in their lives, in addition to the heavy retiree viewing mentioned by Ed. There is no question that much of the daytime viewing is my younger folks as well. Net. Net. TV can now deliver big audiences in all day-parts.

  • Many TV Networks Growing -- Just Not The Big Ones by Dave Morgan (Online Spin on 10/20/2016)

    Excellent points Dorothy. There is no question that IPG Mediabrands and a number of other agencies are making big investments in tools and systems to optimize their TV media spend. However, if you analyze that thoussands of national campaigns that run every month for their actual reach delivery at teh person and impression level, they almost all exhibit decling reach over time, in spite of the face that TV overall can still deliver the same reach that it has for many years. Without question, much of it is a result of the issues that Ed raises - separation of planning an buying, upfront buys, allocaiotn to brands, ego buys. You continue to see very little, if any, precition buying in cable networks numbers 40-100 and in overnight and daytime dayparts, all of which can add very meaningful reach. It may be a rather broad and scathing brushsgtroke, but the post-cmpaign data proves it true. I am hoping that we as an industry fix it before we lose client budgets for the wrong reasons.

  • Many TV Networks Growing -- Just Not The Big Ones by Dave Morgan (Online Spin on 10/20/2016)

    Really great points Ed. Yes. The cultural change will be the hardest for the industry to accept, and might not happen because of that.

  • The NFL Is Not Bulletproof by Dave Morgan (Online Spin on 10/06/2016)

    Ed, I think that you're right on target that we'll eventually see some business model changes to how the NFL and their media and marketing partnership monetize the properties and their audiences.

  • The NFL Is Not Bulletproof by Dave Morgan (Online Spin on 10/06/2016)

    Great obersvations Tom. I agree.

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