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  • Four Ps Will Drive Future Of TV Advertising  in Online Spin on 01/15/2015

    There is not much of a question that more and more companies -- buyers, sellers and intermediaries alike -- are going to use a digital approach to TV advertising. Earlier today, NBCUniversal sales head Linda Yaccarino announced the launch of the company's own audience-targeting platform for linear TV campaigns, enabling NBC to package, sell and deliver audience-denominated campaigns based on third- and first-party data sets. For example, the company would leverage Fandango data to better target, deliver and measure movie campaigns (Comcast NBCUniversal owns Fandango).

  • Shifting Media Business From Outputs To Outcomes Will Break A Lot Of Eggs in Online Spin on 12/18/2014

    I've written before about why I believe the media industry's future with most brand advertisers will be all about delivering specific business outcomes (leads, sales, etc.), in a predictable, provable and scalable way, not just about delivering a promised basket of media outputs (impressions, GRPs, etc.). The more folks in the business I talk to about this issue, the more certain I am that it will happen.

  • What WON'T Happen In 2015? in Online Spin on 12/04/2014

    Now that we're past Thanksgiving and holiday parties are already upon us, it's time to think about 2015. While I don't mind making predictions -- it's fun, and I'm always trying to understand what might be coming next -- I thought I would be a bit contrarian today and write about what won't happen next year.

  • It's Time For Industry To Change The Way TV Is Measured in Online Spin on 11/20/2014

    It may seem a bit like piling on, but I think that it's finally time for the TV industry to change the way audience and ads are measured, bought and sold. Its measurement is broken and needs to be fixed. Just this past week, quite uncharacteristically, even Nielsen made a case for fixing things.

  • TV Ad Industry Terrible At Marketing in Online Spin on 11/06/2014

    If you bring up the topic of television among industry folks these days, you're very likely to hear that the TV ad biz is on its last legs, with audiences and ad effectiveness evaporating into the ether of digital video, YouTube, smartphones and Facebook. Many say it's only a matter of time until the multichannel TV package goes the way of the milkman. (For younger readers: Yes, there was once a time when you got your milk and butter delivered to your door early in the a.m. by local dairies.).

  • How Come So Many Marketers Have Mobile-First Strategies, But So Few Are Hispanic-First? in Online Spin on 10/23/2014

    Lots of folks talk about the importance of multicultural marketing in the U.S., but you don't hear many of them talk (or implement) Hispanic-first marketing or media strategies, despite the enormous growth and importance of Hispanics as the critical growth market for so many U.S. consumer brands. Ironically, almost every day, we hear many of these same brands declare themselves to be social-first or mobile-first. How come?

  • The Future of Media Is About Business Outcomes -- Not Media Outputs in Online Spin on 10/09/2014

    Our industry could spend its time trying to wrangle the collection and valuation of a massive number of different media output metrics -- like making sense of TV GRPs and print pages in the face of banner impressions, search queries, social likes and tweets. Or we can shift our energies from the media outputs, which are proxies, to their provable contributions to clients' business outcomes. In fact, we as an industry must focus on the business outcomes sought by marketers, whether it is the generation of leads, driving traffic to stores, or sales of products.

  • Measurement Is The Medium  in Online Spin on 09/11/2014

    In the 1960s, Marshall McLuhan famously coined the phrase "the medium is the message" to suggest that the medium in which a message or communication is delivered many times influences or overshadows the message itself. Thus, the fact that a politician's speech is broadcast on television has a bigger impact on how an audience receives it than the message of the speech itself. I think that if McLuhan were to look at the digitizing and transforming advertising media business today, he would say that the measurement is the medium.

  • Media Fragmentation Means Ad World's Future Based On Audience, Not Content  in Online Spin on 08/28/2014

    Content may be king, but the future of media buying in a digital world will be founded on audience, not content. Powered by audience fragmentation, the foundation of marketers' media strategies will have to be built first on finding, aggregating and communicating with specific people, not funding specific content.

  • My Two Cents On Advertiser Versus Agency Debate  in Online Spin on 08/14/2014

    I want to thank Nancy Hill of the 4A's and Bob Liodice of the ANA for examining the critical issues of talent, compensation and the media and advertising industry's slowness to change in back-to-back columns in The Wall Street Journal's "CMO Today" earlier this week. Each courageously went out on a limb, and our industry will be better for it.

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  • Four Ps Will Drive Future Of TV Advertising by Dave Morgan (Online Spin on 01/15/2015)

    Great points Ed. However, now in an era of highly-measurable social media, there are a lot of pixel-based measurements (like, tweets, web visits, online comments, etc.) available to know how well an image campaign is doing. It's still early, but I have a lot of confidence we'll get to some strong, reliable metrics there. On the national/local brand/franchisee issue, the availability of large numbers of credit card purchase data sets that can be matched at the person & household level in a de-identified, privacy safe way against the accounted-for delivery of digital ads, shopper marketing coupons, loyalty programs and, most importantly, TV set-top box ad viewing data means that it is becoming possible to parse and compare ad sales effects between loyal, light and new customers across multiple media channels, with full visibility into competitive ads and competitive purchases by the same customers. I've seen the latter type of work in action and it's pretty incredible what's now possible. The days of just correlating GRP's against sales retroactively will be numbered.

  • Four Ps Will Drive Future Of TV Advertising by Dave Morgan (Online Spin on 01/15/2015)

    Jim, I totally agree. To make this work, managing - and protecting - consumers' privacy will be critical. Without it, there will be no trust, and efforts to make TV ads more relevant and more desired by consumers will fail.

  • Four Ps Will Drive Future Of TV Advertising by Dave Morgan (Online Spin on 01/15/2015)

    Guatam, great point. Probably a big issue in the future of TV technology is asking the question about how we define TV. I think that the term will become bigger than the screen and the multichannel package of today, and that "tele-visual" will define and support a much bigger consumer and advertiser experience in the future.

  • Four Ps Will Drive Future Of TV Advertising by Dave Morgan (Online Spin on 01/15/2015)

    Dorothy, I believe that fuzzy metrics like awareness are not likely to be nearly as important a part of advertising's future as it was in the industry's past. Now that advertisers can use data to measure long-term sales effects of ads against large numbers of actual people and households over periods of years, "hard" numbers like actual purchase matter so much more. Adding purchase data to brand ads on TV doesn't make it direct response. It just makes the impact of TV brand advertising measurable and accountable.

  • Four Ps Will Drive Future Of TV Advertising by Dave Morgan (Online Spin on 01/15/2015)

    Ed, they will link it at the household level to set-top box viewing data, not only to the shows, but the ads viewed as well.

  • Shifting Media Business From Outputs To Outcomes Will Break A Lot Of Eggs by Dave Morgan (Online Spin on 12/18/2014)

    Great point Dorian. I agree that social "like" and "favorite" actions could be part of a platform for finding "delight" - next, we'll need the ability to "dislike" and "unfavorite" ads.

  • Shifting Media Business From Outputs To Outcomes Will Break A Lot Of Eggs by Dave Morgan (Online Spin on 12/18/2014)

    Great idea Terry. Certainly, advertisers and media companies are going to have to become more aware of irritating consumers & able delight them instead. Sounds like a product someone should make!

  • What You CAN'T Expect in 2015 by Cory Treffiletti (Online Spin on 12/17/2014)

    Great stuff Cory!

  • What WON'T Happen In 2015? by Dave Morgan (Online Spin on 12/04/2014)

    Great one Jason, since there can't be programmatic buying of TV without programmatic selling by the TV media owners.

  • What WON'T Happen In 2015? by Dave Morgan (Online Spin on 12/04/2014)

    Walter. Love it. Radio won't die.

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