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  • Digital And Data's Relentless Transformation Of Media Industry Continues in Online Spin on 09/17/2015

    Digital and data are rolling over the legacy establishments of the media industry. Events this week reminded us once again of the relentless, never-ending transformation that the media industry is suffering - or gaining, depending on your perspective - at the hands of digital and data technology and approaches.

  • 3 Things TV Networks Must Do This Fall in Online Spin on 09/03/2015

    While many question how TV will fare in 2020, there is still no question that it is still the 800-pound gorilla in 2015. But for that to continue, TV companies will have to work harder to make their own luck, since audiences and advertiser dollars are not just going to come to them as in decades past. At the very least, here are three things that TV companies must do this fall:

  • Coming This Fall in Online Spin on 08/20/2015

    We're in the lazy days of August, when most in the media and advertising business are vacationing, or at least taking Fridays off, and everything slows down. It's hard not to let your mind drift to the future and wonder what might be in store for us this fall. Here are some five near-certainties that we should expect to greet us in the months ahead:

  • Will Stock-Diving Fears Finally Drive TV Companies To Make Decisions They've Avoided? in Online Spin on 08/06/2015

    It's been a tough 24 hours for TV companies in the U.S. Ever since Disney's earnings call Wednesday that warned about network affiliate fees going forward, the stock market has been brutal on all TV companies, even those that surprised with better earnings that investors expected. At one point today, the major TV companies in the U.S., from Disney to Time Warner to Discovery to Viacom were down 10%-28% from the day before.

  • Electricity Poised To Be Biggest Ad Medium In 2016 in Online Spin on 07/23/2015

    Yes, it's true. Electricity is poised to be the biggest ad medium in 2016 -- more than TV, Internet, radio and digital place-based media combined. Amazingly, this trend seems to have come out of nowhere. Of course this is a ridiculous headline, and calling electricity an ad medium is a silly way to compare various media to each other.

  • Moving Past The Echo Chamber Of Our Own Jargon in Online Spin on 07/10/2015

    GRP. CPM. CPA. DSP. DMP. That is how we talk to each other. That is how we talk to our clients. That is a problem.

  • Why I Skipped Cannes in Online Spin on 06/25/2015

    I skipped Cannes this year. This isn't the first time I've done so, nor is it the first time that I've written about skipping Cannes. I'm not necessarily trying to sound triumphant, but I found a better place to for me to be this week. I was participating in Nielsen's Consumer 360 event in Washington D.C. instead.

  • Fraud, Viewability And Rebate Issues All Cut From The Same Cloth in Online Spin on 06/11/2015

    Anyone who doesn't believe that the digital advertising industry has real issues with fraud, viewability and rebate-like vendor payments either has their head in the sand or really doesn't want to know the truth. The purpose of today's column is not to convince you that these issues exist -- evidence isn't hard to find if you really want to look -- but to point out that the root cause of all three is the same, and is solvable.

  • Digital Disruption? Just Getting Started, And Going Horizontal in Online Spin on 05/14/2015

    You think you've seen digital disruption? You haven't seen anything yet. It's just getting started. What's been vertical disruption is about to go horizontal in a big way.

  • Media Agencies Aren't Going Away -- But Being 'Agents' Might in Online Spin on 04/30/2015

    The business of media has changed so much over the past few years that the notion of media agencies being "agents" of advertisers may no longer apply. That's the message that Irwin Gotlieb, CEO of WPP's Group M, delivered to a room full of advertising executives at the ANA's Financial Management Conference in Phoenix this week.The context for Gotlieb's Phoenix ANA address was the current swirl of allegations of undisclosed agency rebates. He isn't alone in calling for a reevaluation of how clients and advertisers work together. I applaud the industrywide focus on transparency, and the recognition that the dialogue needs to get into foundational issues, not just the controversy at hand. In fact, I'm hoping that the industry uses this moment to look at an underlying macro issue that is at least partly to blame for many of the problems we're facing today.

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