• Closing More Community Sales By Throwing Away Your Script
    Imagine you're a salesperson at a senior living community, and your customer is about to walk in the door. How do you avoid giving a typical, canned sales pitch? You know: "Here's the living room, here's the dining room, here's the washer/dryer, over there is the pool" - basically ticking off the features like a real estate agent.
  • How 'Aging In Place' Will Spur A Boom
    Aging in Place is a growing trend that is driven by the fact that older Americans want - and sometimes need to remain in their homes as long as possible. This trend is quickly becoming mainstream and has implications for several industries from housing to technology, health services, and financial services.
  • 6 Ways to Effectively Communicate With People In The Fall & Winter Of Life
    Andrew Hutchinson writes in 3 Notes on Being More Human and Building Your Brand in Social Media: "Whilst more people are embracing creativity and experimentation, there are some things that we've learned that are universally true, some aspects that, regardless of the medium, will remain influential in success. Those elements are human factors."
  • The 'F' Word (Facility) and Other Dirty Words in Retirement Living
    How do you sound when you describe your retirement community to prospective residents, their children and the media? How do you talk about what you do with those people you are already serving?
  • Where To Launch A New Product? Don't Forget Google
    I recently met with a company launching a new beauty product for Boomer women. They had tested it via direct-response television, and wondered why women were watching their infomercials but not buying their products. The commercials directed women to a toll-free number and to the brand's proprietary website to buy the product. They asked us if women 50+ were reluctant to buy beauty products online?
  • Keys To Winning Their Travel Business
    Boomers spend over $78 billion on vacation travel annually-$29 billion more than Gen X, and $23 billion more than Millennials. It's not surprising they rank travel as their No. 1 leisure activity and are the real trailblazers when it comes to vacation travel.
  • The Beginnings Of Ageless Marketing
    For almost a quarter of a century, we've advocated the wisdom of David B. Wolfe, author of "Serving the Ageless Market," "Ageless Marketing," "Firms of Endearment" and "Brave New Worldview." We practice his teachings (known as Developmental Relationship Marketing or Ageless Marketing) to help clients secure and keep customers more than 50 years of age (Baby Boomer and older customers). The foundation of much of our success, and the success of our clients, clearly is a result of David's lessons and is worth sharing. This is the first of several annotated articles reflecting David's thinking that will be published periodically.
  • Solve Your Retirement Community's Immediate Occupancy Needs
    Statistics show that the time from a prospective resident's initial inquiry to move-in is 18 months to three years. But, suppose you can't wait that long-you need those empty units filled yesterday. What can you do to speed up the sales cycle and solve your most pressing occupancy issues? The secret is right in your database.
  • Who's Fueling Entrepreneurism In The Age Of Aging?
    Increasingly, it's Women 50+...and marketers should take note.
  • In The Age Of Digital Fatigue, Reach Out Face To Face
    Boomers are the largest generation of consumers in the history of mankind. They expect to take it all and have done a pretty fine job of having it all. As the first generation to grow up in "a better world" post-World War II, they are projected to control more than 70% of the U.S. disposable wealth over the next several years. Which makes it especially crucial to understand-and tap into-judging what it is they want from brands.
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