Why You Should Be Targeting Grandparents This Holiday Season
Yes, it's the holiday season again. From now through January, most businesses are trying to find ways to reap their share of the most frenzied shopping time of the year. While some marketers will look for this season's killer product or promotion to drive sales during the year-end spending spree, who you target and not what you're selling may be the difference between a hugely profitable holiday sales season and making less than spectacular numbers.» 0 Comments
The Boomer-Millennial Connection
A lot has been written on the difference between the Boomer and Millennial generations, but take a closer look and you'll see the two generations have a lot more in common than you may think. There have even been instances when a message targeting one of these generations has also resonated strongly with the other. Could it be possible to tap into the over $3 trillion in spending power the combined audiences represent with one campaign?» 5 Comments
The Internet's 'Super User?' A Boomer Mom
I was reading the results of a recent survey by Burst Media on "The Online Mom" and two notable facts stood out. First, I had never seen a study like this that presented segmented data on Moms of all ages; the research was divided between Moms aged 18-34, 35-54 and 55+. Second, it turns out that the Moms 55+ are not only online as much as younger women; they are online even more.» 2 Comments
Don't Push Products - Titillate Emotions And Be A Gateway To Meaningful Experiences
What's the main reason why you advertise? You advertise to get the interest of a prospective customer resulting in some action, e.g., a sale. So far, Marketing 101, right? Nevertheless, think for a moment, do you use emotional marketing techniques in your advertising right now or are you pushing product? If you don't, then you're losing possible sales and profits.» 0 Comments
Aging In Place - In Spanish, It's Called 'The Extended Family'
If you think of "aging in place" as a new phenomenon, you probably didn't grow up in an Hispanic household. For most first- and second-generation Hispanic Americans, living at home with Mom - or having Mom live with you - isn't symptomatic of a sluggish economy, it's a cultural norm.» 0 Comments
Looking Beyond Checkbooks When It Comes To Giving
The profile of today's donor is changing. The stereotypical image of an "old lady with her checkbook" is a far cry from who is actually donating, and it is the attitudes of Boomers that are driving these changes in the philanthropy space. This group of 78 million is busy: 52% are still working, and yes, still donating. From volunteering in their local community to donating cash, Boomers are responsible for 70% of all charitable giving in the US (Forbes). In the philanthropy space, that is simply too big to be ignored. For marketers, there are three key Boomer insights to ...» 1 Comments
A 55-Year-Old Woman Is Not Simply a 30-Years-Older Version Of Her 25-Year-Old Self
The older adult market represents one-third of the population, yet controls three-fourths of the wealth. One of the 78 million Boomers reaches 50 every seven seconds. Boomers make 80% of luxury travel purchases, 58% of luxury auto sales, 41% of all new car and truck sales, 77% of prescription drug sales and 61% of over-the-counter drug sales.» 2 Comments
Travel Sales Take Off With Boomers
With summer vacation memories preserved on social networks everywhere, marketers are eager to identify the next trend among American travelers. The one most likely to pay off, however, is not new. It is the same one that has kept travel businesses afloat since the recession. That is, the growing market of 50+ travelers, three in four of whom are Baby Boomers.» 2 Comments
Don't Sell The Product, Sell The Experience
It's long been a paradox that, despite the fact that consumers ages 50 and up have the lion's share of the wealth and income in the U.S, marketers are over-enamored with the 18-49 demographic. The oft-stated justification for aiming at the younger generation is that they are more likely to be open to new products and/or switching brands; and their lives are more centered on consumption and consumerism.» 4 Comments
Banking On Mobile Content - With A Personal Touch
When it comes to online or mobile banking, there is a presumption that most Boomers would just as soon step up to a teller window or go through the drive-through. Reasons range from security and privacy issues to lack of wireless access, to simply having a higher comfort level with traditional, brick-and-mortar banking. In other words, "talking to a person."» 0 Comments
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