• Still The 800-Pound Gorilla; Let's Revisit the Opportunities
    The media is currently promoting Millennials as targets to pursue. It's very clear the numbers are impressive but numbers don't buy anything. It would be short-sighted of marketers to ignore Baby Boomers in favor of Millennials.
  • The Growing Financial Crisis For Single Boomer Women Over 65
    Because I just read an article in Time magazine, "The Next Social Security Crisis - Why American women are bearing the brunt of the retirement crunch." As a marketer and a supporter of homeless women, I find many reasons for concern - especially when considering the fact that over 5,000 women turn 65 every day in the U.S., according to Pew Research Center.
  • Distracted Driving And Boomers
    Texting while driving is not just the province of millennials. With more boomers on the road than ever and, according to AARP, 41 million boomers owning smartphones (that's an increase of 53% in the last two years), we're seeing a real risk of distracted driving for older drivers.
  • 2015 Is The Tipping Point On Age-based Marketing
    I was recently at a restaurant surrounded by tables of 60+ Boomers. Among them were enough iPhones to stock an Apple Store, and all were fiddling with the phones like a group of giddy millennials. It is clear that the Boomer generation is fully engrossed in web, social, and mobile media. A line has been crossed, and the stats back it up. Time to kill this myth and misperception once and for all. It was likely true five to seven years ago, but now it is over.
  • Stop Putting 10 Pounds Of Copy Into A 5-Pound Page
    Baby Boomers are more resistant to absolutism. Absolute positioning (putting ten pounds of copy into a five-pound page), aims to push the product and generate uniform perceptions of a brand while Conditional Positioning allows individual diverse perceptions/interpretations of a brand. It is a powerful marketing tool based upon research about how people respond to absolute statements vs. conditional statements.
  • 7 Things Marketers Can Learn About Boomers From 'Grace And Frankie'
    If you've already binge-watched the entire first season of "Grace and Frankie," don't despair. The Netflix-original show has been renewed for season two.
  • Boomers And The Importance Of Modern-day Nostalgia
    As marketers, we have to stop thinking of the estimated 75 million+ baby boomers as a generation that is technologically adverse, especially as it relates to how we speak to them through advertising.
  • Boomers' Second Acts Can Pay Off For Marketers
    There are many reasons three-quarters of Baby Boomers are planning to work past traditional retirement age. Some are trying to build up a post-recession retirement fund or keep up with a hefty mortgage payment. Others have adult children and/or parents to support. Still others just enjoy their current work or want to start an "encore" career. Whatever the reasons for working, the Boomer generation's desire to stay in the job market can bring opportunities to marketers in a range of industries. Here are a few areas to watch.
  • Boomers Are Listening
    Remember when radio was our only audio source for news, sports and, of course, music discovery? Eighty million or more American boomers listened to radio. Our favorite DJs. The latest hits. The big ball game. And then it became portable! The transistor radio changed our lives. For the first time, we could listen to the radio at the beach or in the park. Well, things have certainly changed. In the last 10 years, audio consumption has fragmented.
  • Target Millennials Or Boomers? Why Not Both?
    At the Cannes Lions festival later this month I'll be joining Kirsty Fuller, co-founder and co-CEO of the global insight and brand consultancy Flamingo Group. Kirsty and Flamingo have been studying the aging marketplace for many years. Their 2009 report, "Talkin' 'Bout My Generation," delivered new insights on the rapidly changing marketplace of 50+ consumers, and the value in reaching them.
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