• Boomers And Living Longer - Better
    With the first of them turning 70, Baby Boomers are about to do something undesirable yet inevitable - they're going to start getting old. And with the expectation that Boomers will live longer than any previous generation of Americans, old age may last for a very long time. The question is, will these years be filled with vitality and good health, or will Baby Boomers just live longer with frailty, pain and chronic disease? As with everything else, Boomers will most likely age in a new and different way.
  • Podcasts Speak To Boomers
    Boomers appreciate intimacy, and, like the best of broadcast radio, today's podcasts are audio experiences in which the listener has a one on one relationship with the host that offers true lean-in immersion.
  • Want To Reach Boomers? Try The Local Newspaper
    One of the most important lessons I teach MBA students is to look at audience data and hard evidence when making marketing decisions. It's a danger to let your personal bias cloud a strategic decision. I was reminded of that advice last week when the Boston Globe's decision to change delivery companies caused a torrent of subscriber anger. In an effort to save money and supposedly improve service, they switched to a new and untested company to deliver roughly 115,000 daily newspapers. It was a poorly handled fiasco, both from an operational standpoint and the PR efforts to sooth upset ...
  • Are You Willing To Swim In The Deep End To Connect With Baby Boomers?
    In a post written by Lori Bitter on Dec. 21, 2015, headlined "The Psychology of Marketing to Grandparents," she discusses the value of understanding four of Abraham Maslow's attributes and how they relate to connecting with grandparents. This is a follow-up to my comments applauding Lori's insights.
  • Boomer Holiday Shopping Wrap-up
    As the shopping days before Christmas dwindled down to a precious few, which generation procrastinated the most? According to the blizzard of holiday shopping surveys out there, it was the Boomers.
  • The Psychology Of Marketing To Grandparents
    Let's face it. Psychologist Abraham Maslow never wanted to be a marketer. In his work, "Toward a Psychology of Being," he describes the 13 personality attributes of the self-actualizing person. Often depicted as the top of the pyramid on the Hierarchy of Needs, "Self-actualization" is the realization of one's full potential, with a focus outside of self.
  • Smaller Homes, Second Homes: More Homes Mean More Furniture
    Tens of millions of Americans 45+ are going to buy new houses in the next few years. Are you ready to sell them the new furniture they need?
  • Connecting With Boomers Requires Empathetic Connections, Part II
    In our last post, we discussed empathy as the most important ingredient in lasting relationships. We all want to be understood by those who want to sell us something. When we think we are not understood, we erect defenses against those trying to connect with us or try to sell us something.
  • 8 Mainstream Brands That Made 2015 A Pivotal Year In Boomer Marketing
    Not long ago, examples of good mainstream marketing to Boomers were hard to come by. Not so in 2015. From fashion to cars to pet food, brands solicited Boomer business with ads that ran across a variety of media, including TV, magazines and online. These campaigns weren't always placed in media that efficiently reached older consumers - which Millennial decided to run a Boomer-targeted commercial on "The Mindy Project"? - but one step at a time, right?
  • 5 Ways Boomers Are Rewriting Retirement
    Earlier this month in Boston, my team and I attended the 2015 Annual Meeting and Expo for LeadingAge, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to expand the world of possibilities for the aging. This year's theme was "Be the Voice," which aligns with the fields needing to change along with the Boomers entering retirement. I wanted to share a few key themes I heard from keynote speakers and in conversation with conference participants.
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