• Consumers Crave Advanced Technology In Vehicles
    Gadgets are great, but when they keep you from having an accident, they are outstanding.
  • Ford Partners With Jose Cuervo To Make Car Parts From Agave
    Business, like politics, sometimes creates unlikely bedfellows. But in this case, the unique partnership between an automaker and a tequila maker is not motivated solely by financial gain.
  • Subaru Plays Up Kelley Blue Book Award
    Subaru of America is celebrating being named "Most Trusted Brand" and "Best Overall Brand" by Kelley Blue Book with a new TV spot.
  • The Disappearance Of The 'Dumb' Vehicle
    It used to be the only thing consumers had to decide on when purchasing a vehicle was upholstery or leather and whether they wanted to pay extra for a sunroof or a better sound system.
  • Which Vehicles Are 'Made In America'? You Might Be Surprised
    It's the old debate: Is it more "American" to buy a vehicle from a company that is headquartered in the U.S. but might be built elsewhere or one that is built here by a foreign-based company?
  • Automakers Need To Continue To Hone Hispanic American Efforts
    Hispanic American consumers account for $27.9 billion in registered new vehicle transactions, representing 11% of the total market, and annually, the Hispanic population in the United States grows by about one million people.
  • Malibu Hybrid Lives Up To Ad Promises
    After writing a column a few weeks back about consumer disconnect when it comes to hybrid cars, I realized that, sadly, I'm not too far from the norm.
  • Jumping On The Virtual Reality Bandwagon
    Automakers are beginning to use virtual reality technology in some interesting ways. One way VR can make a big splash is at the dealership.
  • Automakers Struggle With Consumer Ignorance
    Automakers are investing billions of dollars in alternative-energy vehicles. But if a recent poll is any indication, the efforts are wasted on consumers who, for the most part, remain clueless.
  • Chevy Scores Big With Baseball Sponsorship
    When I was growing up, we used to sing the Chevy ad jingle, "We love Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet." It was a familiar chant, especially in the summer when we were actually outside playing baseball. (Just so you know, us '70s kids were tough. There was no softball or T-ball. I learned to play baseball with a standard-issue, horsehide-covered baseball like the pros use.)
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