• Chevy Scores Big With Baseball Sponsorship
    When I was growing up, we used to sing the Chevy ad jingle, "We love Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet." It was a familiar chant, especially in the summer when we were actually outside playing baseball. (Just so you know, us '70s kids were tough. There was no softball or T-ball. I learned to play baseball with a standard-issue, horsehide-covered baseball like the pros use.)
  • Back In the Driver's Seat
    "Hello, I'm the new Karl Greenberg" is how I went about introducing myself to the marketing and PR folks I met during the media days at the New York Auto Show, which occurred a few weeks after I took over the auto beat at MediaPost. It became comical after awhile to see what tack they would take in responding to me. About 50% said, "You look nothing like Karl," which is very true.
  • Then And Now, Automakers Have Always Been Visual Marketing Masters
    Visual marketing through traditional media remains an important part of automotive marketing (it's hard to watch even just an hour of television without coming across a car ad), but automakers have always been early adopters of next-gen marketing tools, and in many ways lead the way for other industries. As early as 2012, GM's Cadillac moved 25% of its marketing budget to digital platforms. By 2015, eMarketer declared that the U.S. auto industry was "ahead of the pack for digital ad spend."
  • Tips for Building a Quality Automotive SEO Strategy
    With Search being a foundational component of most auto dealers' digital marketing strategy, over-saturation has made getting to the top of a Google or Bing search list that much harder. At our Marketing Automotive Conference, Andrew MacLeay, Director of DigitalMarketing, Dealer.Com discussed what dealers can do to better position themselves to increase their SEO through providing consumers with quality resources and content.

  • The Need for Cultural Competency While Data Mining
    In a discussion on analyzing data to flesh out the nuances of human behavior, Rochelle Newman-Carrasco, Chief Hispanic Marketing Strategist, Walton Issacson argued that within the multicultural space, being able to work a spreadsheet is not enough. Having the background to understand the intricacies of consumer culture is just as important when trying to strategize around data.

    Look at what else Rochelle Newman-Carrasco and her panel had to say at the Marketing Automotive Conference here.

  • Thought and Authenticity In Premium Automotive
    Speaking on the “What Does Premium Mean Today” panel at MediaPost's Marketing Automotive Conference, Edward Loh, Editor-in-Chief, Motor Trend walked through what he considered to be the pillars of creating and maintaining a premium brand. Particularly for newcomers in the luxury/premium space, authenticity and consideration for consumers' needs are crucial in combating a lack of legacy or clout.

    Check out the rest of our Marketing Automotive Conference stream here:

  • MediaPost Announces Its Marketing Automotive Awards
    The MediaPost Marketing Automotive Awards honor agencies and advertisers who are excelling in today's myriad forms of communication and rewriting the handbook on automotive marketing. Last year was a fantastic year for the auto market, with shoppers buying an astonishing 17.47 million cars, trucks and crossovers. It was also a banner year for automotive marketing, with some powerful, moving, and sometimes hilarious advertisements, integrated campaigns, and smart social digital and social media strategies. MediaPost and a panel of industry observers, experts and marketers have done the arduous work of finding the best of the bunch. You get to enjoy the ...
  • Stop The Car, I'm Getting Out
    Except for one brief, unfortunate interlude, I have covered the automotive beat for the past 16 years, give or take. Like most of my professional jobs, I fell into it in a "cover it, or hit the bricks" fashion: big magazine funded by internet money that burst with the 1999 internet bubble, and I was lucky to stay with the firm. I was told I could cover cars or leave. The problem was that I knew not the first thing about cars or car companies except that I'd owned two Beetles when I was a kid, and had driven out ...
  • Das Auto? Nein. Das Volk
    Volkswagen isn't "Das Auto" any more. The Wolfsburg, Germany-based company, with all of its troubles, and all eyes focused on its U.S. regulatory struggles, has ditched its tag of eight years.
  • Customer Experience Is Final Say In Dealer Revenue
    Good times for automobile manufacturers might be a mixed blessing for their dealers. Car companies saw, and are still seeing, blistering sales. But that also means tight supply, and supply is like blood pressure. It's nice if it's a little low, but deadly if it's too low. Industry average is about 62 days. Last fall, some of the hot-selling crossovers were at 24 days and the average for crossovers wasn't too much higher than that.
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