• For Motorcycles, Small And Simple Are Big
    It's a raw, stripped-down aesthetic. It's Harley-Davidson's '48, with it's "peanut" gas tank and tractor-style seat. It's Yamaha's Bolt model under the Star brand of Americana bikes.
  • Investors Doubt, But Don't Count Marchionne Out
    Well, it's summer, and the automakers are gearing up shutdown as dealers sell down last year's models (though with demand this year, it's a good bet shutdown won't last for long). It's as good a time as ever to look at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), the merged Chrysler and Fiat organization announced in January after Fiat SpA bought the remaining shares of Chrysler LLC from the United Auto Workers.
  • Ground Control To Major Barra, Commencing Countdown, Engines On
    Can GM can keep a (somewhat) positive brand image and regain, or gain, consumer's trust?