• Toyota Makes Tacoma Videos Fun To Watch
    I just had breakfast with an 18-year-old son of a friend of mine, a jazz musician in college at Eastman, stopping by the city to see his dad. I could tell he was a little tired of talking music theory, so his dad asked me if I'm still reviewing cars. "I don't really do that. I write about the marketing." "Really, that's pretty obscure."
  • Pope A No-Show In Brooklyn, But VW Confesses Anyway
    It was cloudy last night, the wind was blowing pretty hard, and it threatened to rain. And then there was the weather outside. Yes, Volkswagen put on its best show face in Brooklyn for the unveiling of the 2016 Passat on Monday evening, a tough act for U.S president and CEO Michael Horn. I heard one guy joke that maybe it should have been held in a St. Patrick's confession booth, with the Roman Pontiff himself behind the screen.
  • Where's My Flying Car?
    Traditional automakers are facing an insurgency. Google and Apple aren't playing tablet games.
  • With YouTube Auto Videos, Who's Watching What?
    YouTube is critical to auto campaigns. Digital video content supports launch creative and sustains the campaign over weeks and months. But who's watching what? From the perspective of sheer volume, very few are watching official content on automaker channels.
  • Auto Recalls And Technology In Dance Of Doom
    "A buzzard took a monkey for a ride in the air," as the song goes. That story doesn't end well. But it could be about the mutual choke hold between technology and record numbers of auto recalls over the past year, most having to do with Takata airbags, and many having to do with safety technology in general.
  • Mercedes-Benz Does Stadium Kick-Off In Atlanta
    Mercedes-Benz U.S.A. (MBUSA), which for four years has had its name on the Superdome in New Orleans, has nabbed rights to the big football venue in its new hometown.
  • Car News? What Car News?
    I've been out of touch with the auto business for the past three weeks, so I don't know who's doing what with whom; what brands are up, and which are down, who is partnering with whom for what and why. Things change so fast in the business that I'm now at a major disadvantage.
  • Creating A Luxurious Social Media Experience
    According to a 2014 survey, 70% of people who come from affluent households (total annual income >$200,000) own a smartphone. ExactTarget research indicates that 75% of smartphone users engage with social media on a daily basis.
  • TrueCar, Problem Child
    When Bon Scott sings "What I want I take, what I don't I break," in this AC/DC classic, the "problem child" he's referring to could be TrueCar.com. The digital car marketing channel solves a big problem for consumers who aren't in love with dealerships and hate haggling. But, um, they have created some, too.
  • The Connected Car Is Desirable, But Connected-Car Education Is Critical
    In the world of in-car entertainment and connectivity, a buck's worth of research and education is worth $100 of advertising. You can talk about your app suites forever, but if people don't know what you're talking about, and if you yourself don't know which technology the people actually use (and why), you may be spending money to talk to a wall.
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