• Hatchbacks' Popularity Expected To Rise
    In the 1980s and 90s, before the SUV became king, there was no shortage of cars with hatchbacks. They were incredibly practical and made it easy to pack all of your stuff into an area much bigger than the traditional car trunk. If you had a bike that needed hauling, they were a necessity.
  • Ford Escape Titanium Gives A Taste Of Self-Driving Future
    Technology in general has always fascinated me - I'm always a first adapter. Having to wait a few weeks to get the new iPhone model just about kills me. And I'm definitely a geek when it comes to auto technology.
  • VW Can't Stay Out Of The News, For Better Or Worse
    Volkswagen announced plans Nov. 17 to cut 30,000 from its workforce over the coming years as a result in part of the diesel emissions scandal as well as a switch to electric cars.
  • Honda, Ford Win Awards Across Competitions
    It's kind of like elementary school where there's no longer real competition and every kid gets an award. I'm talking about the plethora of automotive awards.
  • Upcoming L.A. Auto Show Promises To Be Most Revealing
    Organizers have already confirmed at least 20 world debuts, including Alfa Romeo, Chevrolet, Jeep, Mazda, Mini, Subaru and Volkswagen. Press days start on Nov. 14, and if I were going, I'd have plenty to do, given all the invitations I have received from a variety of automakers. Alas, I will be covering the show remotely from Detroit while I gear up for the North American International Auto Show, which is also just around the corner in January.
  • FCA, Toyota Go to Bat for Embattled Bats
    It's an unspoken rule of journalism that three of anything makes a trend. However, I'm nothing if not a rule-breaker, so I'm going to tell you about two automakers who are doing something unique for the environment. I think it's interesting enough to sidestep the rule of three.
  • Jaguar, Ford, Tata Motors Collaborate On Connected, Autonomous Vehicle Technology
    Negative news regarding Tesla's autopilot systems, including several fatalities, hasn't stopped other automakers from pursuing similar technologies.
  • Foot Traffic To Dealers Reveals Trends
    Every marketer wishes they had a crystal ball to help them predict the future, or even to make sense of the present. Foursquare thinks they might have the answers via foot traffic data. Before your one eyebrow shoots up in skepticism, keep in mind that Foursquare has used proprietary foot traffic data to accurately predict Chipotle's earning's drop in Q1 and detect the decline in visits to Trump-branded properties.
  • BMW, Hyundai Tops In Tech Experience
    Just what the auto industry needs, another study, more awards.
  • Chevy Looks For Anti-Texting Solutions
    Admit it, there's not a single person among us who hasn't picked up their phone while driving. "I only do it while I'm stopped at a stoplight" is an often-heard excuse.
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