• Toyota Finds Its Groove With Racing Sponsorship
    There's an expression that automotive dealers have long observed: "Win on Sunday, sell on Monday."
  • Mazda Miata MX-5 Is Fun In Any Weather
    It's been almost two years since Mazda created the "Driving Matters" brand essence video. More than 20 million people have viewed the 60-second spot, called "A Driver's Life," on YouTube and it continues to resonate. It's one of those quiet ads that makes you smile and feel good, no matter what your age or life situation.
  • Automakers Have Uphill Battle Regarding Self-Driving Cars
    Technology is grand; it makes life easier in so many ways. But many of us aren't willing to give up control.
  • Will Automakers' Brands Suffer From Airbag Accusations?
    It's the story that keeps on growing. While a settlement with Japanese auto parts maker Takata Corp. and its faulty airbags was expected this week, it's possible there could be further repercussions for automakers who used the faulty equipment.
  • Taking The Anxiety Out Of Buying A Vehicle
    Along with buying a house or funding a college education, purchasing a vehicle is one of the biggest layouts of cash most consumers will make. Unlike the house or education, it's a purchase that fills buyers with much more anxiety and stress.
  • Chrysler Figures Prominently In 'Detroiters'
    I was very excited to watch the first episode of "Detroiters," the new show on Comedy Central about two of my favorite things, Detroit and advertising.
  • Windy City Promises No Shortage Of Vehicle Reveals
    It is consistently one of the nation's largest auto shows in terms of consumer attendance, and that's nothing to sneeze at.
  • Not Every Vehicle Deserves A Super Bowl Spot
    It's a little late for automakers to alter their course for this year's Super Bowl, but perhaps it's not too early to start thinking about next year.
  • Like It Or Not, Autonomous Cars Are Coming
    Long before the technology was even conceived, there used to be jokes about robots taking over the world. That might still be down the road, but for now, they simply want to take over your driving responsibilities. Despite consumer anxiety, there are plenty of ways automakers can sell this to a doubtful public. How about never having to worry about having a car accident again and finally having the time to catch up on reading or TV/movie watching?
  • Lexus Jumps On Super Bowl Bandwagon
    Lexus is the latest automaker to add itself to the advertising lineup of this year's Super Bowl, which is expected to garner more than 100 million viewers on Feb. 5.
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