• Americans Want To Buy American Cars; Good Luck With That
    Americans are patriotic, and they are more apt to want to buy American than they have been in the past. I actually heard this from two places today. First from a new study by Cars.com about which cars are really, really American, and then from a top marketer at a network.
  • With FCA, Anything Can Happen; How About A Partnership?
    The Chrysler name means improbable, impossible, and sometimes outrageous. The fact that the FCA U.S.A. unit is still alive after all these years is itself remarkable, given its revolving-door experience with the intensive care unit. From K Cars, to the merger of equals; from "other people's money" firm Cerberus buying and flipping it, to Fiat SpA merging with it to bring it back to life. All improbable.
  • Right Time, Right Place, Right Consumer Or Bust
    A few years back, when a consumer brand marketer received orders to create an awareness feast, they would go to the supermarket with $170 million, buy $168.5 million worth of hamburger, and some buns and charcoal briquettes. And one bottle of lighter fluid. And pray it would catch fire.
  • Honda's Going Large For HR-V, And For Civic Tour, And For Honda Stage
    Honda is firing on all pistons this summer. New campaigns, new experiential programs, and chapter two and 15, respectively, of Honda Stage and the Honda Civic Tour, two music platforms the company is using to talk about its smaller vehicles to younger people.
  • Listen To The Lady
    The new Chevrolet Impala is great, I'll say that first off. I drove it around with car experts who loved the new design, the space, performance and all the good stuff. Don't underestimate the virtues of a great design. But. There's the navigation. There's nothing wrong with the navigation, per se. Sure, it's very well done. The problem is that turn-by-turn doesn't work for psychotics and people with trust issues.
  • For Ford's Top Designer, Car Design Is Car Experience
    I know someone who got a degree in design from Stanford around human-machine interface. Talk about writing your own check. Especially if you're going into the automotive business. Where car-interior design used to be solely about considerations like where the door handle should be and what textures are more conducive to inner peace, and how the dials should look, it is now about data, communication, and entertainment - the virtual worlds beckoning from the screens and dials of the connected car. It's what the car can give you, and how much of it you actually want. It's about how much ...
  • Volvo Is Global, But How Swedish Is It?
    Volvo is moving on several fronts here in the U.S. as it becomes a truly global carmaker. The company, which has manufacturing in Europe, and China, is soon to be the newest import car maker to open manufacturing operations in the American south, joining brands like Nissan, BMW, VW, Kia, Toyota, Honda, and Mercedes-Benz.
  • It's The Year Of The Crossover
    One clear message from April U.S. automotive sales numbers: cars that aren't cars are moving off lots a lot faster than cars that are. Yes, with SUV's on the move, it feels like the late '90s all over again. Well, almost. Back then, SUVs were actually trucks with a different hat: they were a two-box setup on a pickup-truck ladder frame. Today, SUV pretty much means a crossover, a unibody vehicle that is basically a car. Which means today's SUV is more fuel efficient. Make that way, way more fuel-efficient, thanks to new materials, new engine configurations, and new powertrain ...
  • Chevrolet Battles Jay Gatsby In Chelsea
    I was intrigued by Chevrolet's "Hidden Gems" campaign; so much so that I decided to go see what it was about. So, on Saturday night I hit the Dream Hotel Downtown in New York, where Chevrolet was ensconced in a conference room with a social media team, the whole thing overseen by Matt Scarlett, Chevrolet advertising manager.
  • New Film, 'A Faster Horse,' Takes You Where Few Get To Go
    Before Henry Ford built the Model T, he asked people - I'm guessing it would have been over a jug of cider in the barn, rather than a polished table in a conference room - what they wanted most when it came to transportation. The answer: "A faster horse." Well, as we all know, he decided to stay out of animal husbandry, and give people something else entirely.
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