• Auto Recalls And Technology In Dance Of Doom
    "A buzzard took a monkey for a ride in the air," as the song goes. That story doesn't end well. But it could be about the mutual choke hold between technology and record numbers of auto recalls over the past year, most having to do with Takata airbags, and many having to do with safety technology in general.
  • Mercedes-Benz Does Stadium Kick-Off In Atlanta
    Mercedes-Benz U.S.A. (MBUSA), which for four years has had its name on the Superdome in New Orleans, has nabbed rights to the big football venue in its new hometown.
  • Car News? What Car News?
    I've been out of touch with the auto business for the past three weeks, so I don't know who's doing what with whom; what brands are up, and which are down, who is partnering with whom for what and why. Things change so fast in the business that I'm now at a major disadvantage.
  • Creating A Luxurious Social Media Experience
    According to a 2014 survey, 70% of people who come from affluent households (total annual income >$200,000) own a smartphone. ExactTarget research indicates that 75% of smartphone users engage with social media on a daily basis.
  • TrueCar, Problem Child
    When Bon Scott sings "What I want I take, what I don't I break," in this AC/DC classic, the "problem child" he's referring to could be TrueCar.com. The digital car marketing channel solves a big problem for consumers who aren't in love with dealerships and hate haggling. But, um, they have created some, too.
  • The Connected Car Is Desirable, But Connected-Car Education Is Critical
    In the world of in-car entertainment and connectivity, a buck's worth of research and education is worth $100 of advertising. You can talk about your app suites forever, but if people don't know what you're talking about, and if you yourself don't know which technology the people actually use (and why), you may be spending money to talk to a wall.
  • Forget The Exterior, Autonomous Cars Will Put Aesthetics Inside
    I took a road trip this past weekend in a Mini CooperS, hardtop four-door. When I told my wife which car we (including our daughter) would be rolling with, she was pretty hyped. "Oh, wow, I love Minis." I asked her why. "I love the way they look for one thing." My daughter, who really couldn't care less about cars, has, in spite of this, developed a taste for what she thinks looks good in a car. She likes the Mini. And when we stopped for gas, she said, "Dad, that's a nice-looking car." She wasn't talking about the Mini ...
  • Americans Want To Buy American Cars; Good Luck With That
    Americans are patriotic, and they are more apt to want to buy American than they have been in the past. I actually heard this from two places today. First from a new study by Cars.com about which cars are really, really American, and then from a top marketer at a network.
  • With FCA, Anything Can Happen; How About A Partnership?
    The Chrysler name means improbable, impossible, and sometimes outrageous. The fact that the FCA U.S.A. unit is still alive after all these years is itself remarkable, given its revolving-door experience with the intensive care unit. From K Cars, to the merger of equals; from "other people's money" firm Cerberus buying and flipping it, to Fiat SpA merging with it to bring it back to life. All improbable.
  • Right Time, Right Place, Right Consumer Or Bust
    A few years back, when a consumer brand marketer received orders to create an awareness feast, they would go to the supermarket with $170 million, buy $168.5 million worth of hamburger, and some buns and charcoal briquettes. And one bottle of lighter fluid. And pray it would catch fire.
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