• Despite Intrigue With Self-Driving Vehicles, Consumers Still Crave Control
    American drivers are a conflicted bunch. On one hand, we are fascinated with the idea of a self-driving (or autonomous) vehicle. But when push comes to shove, we don't really want to give up control, at least not all of it.
  • Ford: Cars Are Not Just For Boys
    Who says car toys are just for boys? This fall, Ford Girls' Fast Track Races is proving cars can be toys for every kid.
  • Automakers Face Reputation Crisis After Recalls, Or Do They?
    It seems like not a week goes by that one automaker or another faces a recall or even worse, a scandal.
  • Dealers Turn To 'Leftovers' As Season Changes
    It's the day after Labor Day, and in Michigan that means the kids are (finally) heading back to school. Unlike most of the country, where the kids have been back in school a few days or weeks, our state legislators passed a law a few years back prohibiting schools from starting before Labor Day. The thinking was it would promote tourism in the state and encourage - what else - road trips.
  • GM Takes Lead In Addressing Hot Car Deaths
    Forgetting your lunch or groceries in the back seat is an inconvenience. But imagine if, instead, it was your child.
  • Subaru's Environment Activities Exceed The Norm
    It's rare to find an automaker or other brand that doesn't have a pet project, charity or cause they donate to and maybe give some lip service. But in Subaru of America's case, their commitment to environmental causes is authentically deep.
  • Automakers Decline Comment On Untrustworthy Dealers
    A recent story in "The Car Connection" got me thinking about the disconnect between automakers and their dealers. While the companies talk a good game about cooperation and symmetry, it doesn't appear to be happening, based on some recent polls. In the 20 years I've been covering the auto industry, not a whole lot has changed in that regard.
  • Automakers Jump On Olympic Bandwagon

    Whether they are official sponsors or not, it’s inevitable that many automakers are making connection to the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. 

    A new campaign for BMW breaks early next week during the Olympics broadcasting that pits the BMW 330e electric hybrid against the much-hyped, but still not available electric Tesla 3. 

    BMW is taking on Tesla, marketing its all-ready-for-purchase/lease high-end hybrid against a car for which consumers must still wait to come to market.  The car you’ve been waiting for . . . without the wait,” says the voiceover for the BMW campaign, which was created by The ...

  • Expansion Into Digital Creates New Auto Ad Opportunities
    New-vehicle drivers in the United States spend an average of 11 hours a day watching TV, streaming video content, listening to radio programming or on the Internet. The problem for marketers is that many consumers are getting their TV fix using digital media, which makes it harder to reach them.
  • Consumers Crave Advanced Technology In Vehicles
    Gadgets are great, but when they keep you from having an accident, they are outstanding.
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