• More Online Means More Offline, At Least With Cars
    Dealers need to "accept and embrace this practice as the new status quo and provide complete transparency with price, value and product offering in order to build trust with these savvy new-vehicle shoppers. If not, dealers could lose these customers to the competition."
  • What's At Stake When Hyundai Loses Bridges, Gains Rudd
    What's in a voice? For automakers, a lot. But let me be clear about something. I don't mean a spokesperson, but a speaksperson: not someone who appears in ads to tout the products, la Matthew McConaughey and Lincoln, but just the voice in all of the ads. The brand's voice.
  • Big Bikes, Big Sky, And The American Dream
    We live in big cities, but yearn for wide open spaces, whether or not we could live there for more than a week before going crazy. Harley-Davidson and Best Western invited five journalists out to Montana to ride motorcycles through the state, including over the Going to the Sun Road and into the vast Martian landscape east of the Continental Divide.
  • Vehicle Initial Quality Means Digital Happiness
    What is happening with initial auto satisfaction? One study, just out, says American vehicles are gaining on imports. And generally, satisfaction is down a tad across the industry.Once again, consumers are unhappy, or at least less happy with their cars, it seems, depending on whom you ask.
  • Automakers Should Love Public Transportation
    The industry response to congestion-related wheel time has been to try to make a silk purse of a sow's ear, focusing on a how in-car technology can make this hideous situation more tolerable.
  • Futbol, Empanadas, Apple Strudel And Chevrolet
    In the United States, it is not beyond the realm of possibility that futbol will be the new football in a couple dozen years. Maybe just a dozen. Or fewer. Maybe next week. After all, we are talking about a sport that leads the popularity list among Hispanic and immigrant populations of all stripes; and it is also becoming the sport of the next generation, thanks to organized youth soccer, and because it is cheaper to play, and less hazardous, generally.
  • Grab That Fan And Hold On!
    Oh, that empowered customer! Woe be to the brand that doesn't listen to him, her, them. The empowered customer - however defined, and I guess that depends on who is doing the defining - can provide serious insight with deep history. Yes, tapping in to your stalkers can pay dividends.
  • Mini Takes More Than The States
    BMW's Mini unit may be the only auto brand who can do that and they prove it every other year with an exercise in madness called "Mini Takes the States" (MTTS), a biennial event that the company has run since 2006.
  • For Motorcycles, Small And Simple Are Big
    It's a raw, stripped-down aesthetic. It's Harley-Davidson's '48, with it's "peanut" gas tank and tractor-style seat. It's Yamaha's Bolt model under the Star brand of Americana bikes.
  • Investors Doubt, But Don't Count Marchionne Out
    Well, it's summer, and the automakers are gearing up shutdown as dealers sell down last year's models (though with demand this year, it's a good bet shutdown won't last for long). It's as good a time as ever to look at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), the merged Chrysler and Fiat organization announced in January after Fiat SpA bought the remaining shares of Chrysler LLC from the United Auto Workers.
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