Media Insights Q&A: Chris Moschovitis & Anna Murray

Chris Moschovitis and Anna Murray of tmg-emedia are on the forefront of Big Data management and analytics. President Anna Murray started her career as a broadcast news producer and quickly transitioned into the Internet, while CEO Chris Moschovitis has a background in the hard sciences: physics, math and computer science. This combination of talent positions their company in the forefront of analytics as it applies to Big Data sets in the media sector. In my interview with them, Chris and Anna talk about tmg-emedia, data-driven journalism, the fear of change in today's executive suite, the future of data use in ...More

  • Political Revenues Bring Stations Joy And Happiness, Maybe

    It's September, and the real push for political advertising is about to start. Estimates are that 75% of all political spending goes into the last seven to eight weeks of any political race. And, of course, we have a big one sitting out there. ...More

  • More Than 60 Percent of Consumers Use Social Media While Watching TV

    During a recent interview with Media Magazine, Ogilvy's Chief Digital Officer Brandon Berger offered up one of the most insightful remarks about mobile devices that I've heard: "We have this idea that the TV is the first screen, but where is the activity occurring? It's occurring on the tablet or the mobile device, so which one is the priority screen?" Given the attention that consumers devote to their phones and tablets, it seems clear that the most important screen has become the one that allows viewers to look up information, or buy products, or talk about what they're watching. ...More

  • Report: Nearly Half Of Consumers Start Video On One Device And Finish On Another

    Consumers aren't just watching video on many different devices; they often start a video on one device and finish it on another. In a report detailing multi-screen behavior, Google studied how consumers shifted from tablets to smartphones to PCs for various activities. ...More