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The first class session will be held on Wednesday October 23rd.

Our course facilitator is Richard Zackon, the founder of consulting firm Audience Patterns LLC and a 40-year veteran of advertising, marketing and media education. Richard has developed this breakthrough program for anyone seeking knowledge and understanding of the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in those sectors. The program combines the value of a high-quality MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) lecture series with the live, immersive social engagement provided via Zoom video conferencing with Richard and their fellow students, thereby enhancing motivation, dialog and learning. The vast majority of people who take normal MOOCs never finish since there is no feedback mechanism and little incentive to keep going. Richard, an experienced professional coach and group facilitator, has solved this for students of our course.

The Power of Our Enhanced AI Program

Our course includes two components to help participants develop AI competence: AI for Everyone, the basic four-week MOOC, and Richard’s Zoom Discussion Series, a five-part, weekly live online meet-up that adds value to the MOOC sessions through an interactive learning experience.

    • Course Format and Timing

For the October 2019 course, we'll begin with a live Zoom discussion to introduce the participants, instructor, topic, and to set the class expectations. Following the first class, you'll complete one of the 4 MOOC AI sections on your own each week, then participate in one of two weekly live Zoom sessions taking place on Wednesday at 4pm. The first live Zoom discussion will take place Wednesday October 23rd.

  • AI for Everyone

These MOOC lectures, intended for beginners, are delivered by esteemed AI expert Andrew Ng, CEO/Founder of Landing AI; Co-founder of Coursera; Adjunct Professor at Stanford University; former Chief Scientist of Baidu and founding lead of Google Brain. They are available for on-demand viewing at no fee* and require one to two hours per week. Lecture videos can be easily viewed in digestible chunks of five to ten minutes.

* Students may also pay $49 to Coursera to have a weekly quiz graded and therby earn a certificate of completion from Coursera (recommended but not required when you sign-up for our program).

  • The Zoom Discussion Series

To build on the value of the MOOC, there will be five weekly live online group Zoom discussions of the lecture material, news items in the trades and progress reports by participants. Richard Zackon will moderate. Industry guests will make mini-presentations of practical AI applications. 15-20 participants will take part in these weekly Zoom discussions.

Learning Goals

Participants will:

  • • expand their proficiency to think and speak intelligently about AI capabilities, applications and limitations.
  • • experience what it feels like to build machine learning and data science projects.
  • • learn how to spot opportunities to apply AI to real work problems.
  • • develop their ability to work with an AI team and build an AI strategy at their companies.
  • • build a foundation for further learning about AI.
For more information you are welcome to email your instructor, Richard Zackon.

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