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Your Remembrances, Your Way 

My Eulogy

Developer:  Davison Design


How will people remember you at your funeral? Why leave this to chance?

The My Eulogy App lets you create and share multiple eulogies for your loved ones thru Text, Photos or Videos. Eulogies are created for a future date under “Date of Activation” with an option to select an authorized person who will trigger the eulogies. SMS or e-mail notification will be sent to eulogy recipients upon triggering a eulogy. You can also use this app to create eulogies of your loved ones.

APPY Award Finalist: Make Your Smart Things Smarter 

App: Stringify
Developer: Stringify

2017 APPY Award Finalist Stringify allows people to connect all their physical products and digital services together in one place so they can take better care of themselves, their families, and their homes.  The service connects to over 600 smart products such as Nest, Hue, Ring, Google Home and Amazon Echo as well as digital services like Twitter, Facebook and Dropbox. All can be accessed without hopping in and out of multiple apps. Users can easily add automated experiences Stringify calls "Flows": two or more “Things” connected together to create a unique experience. Users can edit any Flow or create Flows from scratch with an easy to use, drag and drop interface. Anything can be connected to anything in virtually limitless ways with multiple inputs, outputs and conditions. Users can even share their Flows with friends, family, or any of the enthusiast communities by tapping a button. Between iOS and Android, Stringify carries a 4.5 star rating across hundreds of customer reviews. 

Searching For The Right Word? 

Developer: helps its users master the art of language to benefit them in all aspects of their lives. The power of the written word has perhaps never been so important as it is today, thanks to the democratization of the web and the rise of self-publishing. As the world’s first and largest digitally-native dictionary, provides reliable access to millions of English definitions and meanings, spellings, audio pronunciations, example sentences and word origins. The app offers trusted reference content with more than two million English definitions and synonyms, and is the most comprehensive tool for word discovery. Features including audio pronunciations, voice word search, translations for over 30 languages, word origins, spelling suggestions, and more. Additional features of include editorial posts about language usage in historical and current events as well as advice and insight, quiz widgets to test vocabulary, local look-ups, favorite words and search history, and an advanced learner’s dictionary.

Simplifying Life for Transplant Patients 

APP: Transplant Hero
Developer: Stanfy

A transplant is a life-saving procedure. But, it is only the first step in the patient's long term health. There are many medications that need to be taken and at all hours of the day to avoid organ rejection. The Transplant Hero app helps patients gain control of their medication schedule. Patients can also invite family and friends to help them stay on track.  Transplant Hero Guardians (caregivers) get access to the medication regimen and get alerts for taken or missed doses. Recognizing that a strong support group is key to success, this closed network is a tool to increase communication and medical adherence.
Many transplant patients are children, and this app makes their medical regimen and its adherence into a game.

Converse With The World 

App: LOC
Developer: Optimac, Inc.

LOC gives you the tools to join chats all over the world and to create your own chat for the rest of the world to join. Chats are pinned geographically, and the app includes real-time translation across 90 languages, so you can join and participate in conversations anywhere. You can use this app to converse with friends, to meet new people, to add your opinion on events as they are happening. You can keep connected to friends and family and join business conferences. LOC also allows marketers to connect with geographically targeted prospects for promotions and customer service. And, you can send out your location for an SOS in the case of an accident.

LOC also helps you to keep track of chats interesting to you through a "Watching" list you can create. When news breaks anywhere in the world, join chats at the location of the event to get real-time updates and pictures from people who are there. Any chat not active for about 24 hours disappears to keep only current activity available.
LOC is committed to your privacy and only shares your profile picture and display name to other users.

Let Your Children Monkey Around As They Learn 

Developer: EQtainment The world of instant gratification, helicopter parenting and ever-present technology is impacting the development of children's social and emotional skills. Kindergarten teachers are reporting that over 30% of children entering their classrooms lack the social and emotional skills they need for a school environment. Research has shown that EQ (emotional skills) has a higher correlation to life success than IQ. EQ skills need to be taught and Q Wunder is the first app to teach, practice and measure all aspects of social and emotional learning through entertaining videos, games and music, all starring a monkey named Q. It gives parents and educators a simple and entertaining way to address life skills with children. The heart of Q Wunder is in its original programming. Children join Q on fun adventures fueled by valuable lessons that develop their social and emotional skills. Each original episode is accompanied by a music video incorporating the message from the episode as well as a game based on activities from the lesson. The Q Wunder portal for parents allows them to browse and share articles, podcasts and videos curated to reinforce what their children are learning.

An App For Diehard "Sneakerheads" 

Developer  GPShopper
App: Foot Locker Launch Locator
Foot Locker's new "Launch Locator" app is designed to make the exclusive sneaker release experience seamless and convenient, solving the inconvenience of customers, known as diehard "sneakerheads",  having to wait in line for popular shoe releases. The app allows Foot Locker, Footaction, and Champs Sports customers to reserve upcoming sneaker releases straight from their phones, thus avoiding lines. A "Head Starts" VIP program is also offered to loyal customers to increase their chance of reserving a shoe on launch day. Part of this VIP program also allows loyal customers to visit the stores they've chosen for reservations to check-in via beacon technology. This app gives the sneakerhead community a safe, fair, and convenient avenue to reserve the hottest pairs of shoes.

Your Chance to Become a Taste-Maker 

Developer: Bout LLC
Bout lets you discover what’s new and interesting in fashion, style, food and travel and gives you the opportunity to make your opinions known on these topics. Polls created by industry insiders allow you to vote your approval on trends, recipes, travel destinations, etc. You receive a feed of polls customized according to your interests. A unique aspect of Bout is when you see something you want to save (a recipe or pair of shoes), you can add it to your Pinterest boards. Additionally, links are provided to help you explore a topic or trend in greater detail, as well as opportunities to purchase. You can become a taste-maker by commenting on polls, comparing your votes to the rest of the Bout community, creating your own polls, and sharing polls with friends.

The Smart Way To Lose Weight 

App: Smart Weight Watchers Body Analysis Scale Tracker
Developer: App Partner
Google Play

The Weight Watchers® smart bathroom scale app is a companion to Conair’s Weight Watchers® branded smart bathroom scales product line. The goal of this smart scale is to create an app which turns the chore of weighing yourself/staying healthy into a positive, encouraging and motivating experience. Users can simply open the app, tap “Connect to Scale”, step onto the scale, and have all their data sync to the app so it can be reviewed by day, week, month or the whole year. The app tracks weight, body fat and water percentage, bone mass, and BMI. Users can also sync their weight to the Weight Watchers® app if they are a subscriber or sync to Apple Health or Google Fit. Users can quickly access their data via the dashboard or go more in depth with detailed graphs and charts. A gamified badge reward system encourages users to be mindful of their goals and adjust their day to day behavior to improve their overall well-being. Users can also have fun competing with friends and family. It’s also one of the few scale companion apps to offer a tablet-optimized experience.


Your Personalized News Network 

App: NewsON
Developer: NewsON
Google Play

NewsOn is a free service that provides consumers with instant access to the latest live and on-demand local newscasts nationwide. No matter where you are in the country, NewsON enables viewers to search for local news by market via an interactive map and for curated content linking coverage of breaking news events from multiple stations. While watching, the viewer can use a timeline viewing tool to pinpoint the news he or she wants to watch, from business and sports to weather and traffic. The app also features an alert setup function to receive instant coverage of the latest breaking news. NewsON is available for Apple and Android devices, Amazon tablets and Roku enabled smart TVs.