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March 2nd, 8PM, EST

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April 6, 8PM, EDT

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The Preggers App 

Today, we profile APPY entrant “Preggers” by MobileSmith. The company provides simple, cutting-edge app development experiences, enabling the integration of data onto a mobile app development platform without writing any code.

MobileSmith identified healthcare as an industry that could benefit from such a service. One resulting app, “Preggers”, fulfills an industry need and provides the end user an informative and engaging way to track her pregnancy. 

MP: How did the idea for this app came about?

MS: Less than 5% percent of U.S. healthcare providers offer branded apps to their patients.  While 100,000+ third-party health apps are available, practically none of them are customizable, and only a few offer proven, comprehensive information.  At the same time, multiple research shows that when it comes to mobile advice, patients still trust their healthcare provider the most.  So, creating a branded pregnancy app for hospitals was a no-brainer.  

Our customer Customized Communications, a medical publishing company that sells pregnancy- and childbirth-related content to healthcare providers nationwide, partnered with MobileSmith to release their award-winning The Gift of Motherhood app.  

The MobileSmith platform allows not only creating multiple apps without programming, but also easily replicating/reskinning and customizing apps.  We used the main app blocks created for the Gift of Motherhood and made a model pregnancy app – “Preggers”.   

MP: How is Preggers Unique from other pregnancy apps in the market?

MS: From the client’s point of view, “Preggers” was created entirely without programming, by two graphic designers, and took only a few days to create.  It can be reskinned and customized for any healthcare provider in a matter of days.  

From the end-user point of view, “Preggers” is comprehensive, covering all aspects of an expectant mom’s journey, and it’s packed with interactive functionality. App content can be updated on-the-fly, without resubmitting or re-downloading the app. 

MP: What variables does “Preggers” track?

MS: Weight, appointments, fetal kicks and contractions. In addition, users can view weekly milestones based on due date, keep a pregnancy journal, put together a packing list and create a customized contact list with tap-to-email and tap-to-call

“Preggers” is available for iOS and Android smartphones. 


Salesforce Analytics App - Revolutionizing Business Analytics 

Technology is creating a mobile workforce, no longer tethered to a desktop. This has created a need for on-the-go, actionable data that can also be shared with those back at the office, the need to access CRM via the Cloud.

MediaPost’s 2015 Appy entrant, Salesforce, addresses this need with its Salesforce Analytics Cloud, powered by Wave. This app revamps business analytics, serving IT, analysts and any end user whose job depends upon reacting to consumer data. The platform gives companies the data they need with a focus on UX. We spoke with the company to find out more.

APPY: How is Salesforce Analytics Cloud different from other analytics platforms? What makes it innovative?

Wave, the Salesforce Analytics Cloud is designed for the under-served business user with a mobile-first approach. Many other platforms develop solutions for analysts/experts that need heavy IT intervention but Wave empowers anyone - a sales manager on the road or a customer service manager - to explore any data source, uncover any new insights, and take actions instantly from any device. Furthermore these insights can be shared with anyone in the organization. Wave uses a schema-free approach to bring together a dynamic user experience, a schema-free approach, indexed search and a powerful computing engine into a single, vertically integrated cloud analytics platform. 

APPY: Are there particular industries or markets that are more targeted for your product?

Analytics is designed for the business user but is industry-agnostic. Whether it is consumer goods, financial services, healthcare, or manufacturing, every industry has a strong need to find analytics to run their business and gain a competitive advantage. Our customers use Wave to identify their top customers, investigate churn and retention levels, and ensure high customer satisfaction

APPY: What are some of the coolest feature of the app?

While it is hard for us to pick our favorite baby, we will say the most important feature apart from the interesting visualization is the ability to share a dashboard or a visual composition, which we call a lens, via Salesforce's enterprise social tool called Chatter. Collaboration is critical to get the job done. We empower users to find their insights, annotate their findings, and then share this with their colleagues right from the app!


TED App - Idea Spreading Went Mobile 

Throughout human history, ideas inspired creative thinking and drove innovation. Idea hubs evolved from caves to amphitheaters, to libraries, and to modern-day coffee shops. In Digital Age, TED app, the APPY Award entrant makes ideas accessible to mobile users.

TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a non-profit whose mission is to “Spread Ideas”. Featuring thousands of inspiring talks by leading thinkers from around the world, TED's official app brings idea-sharing to a whole new level. It takes the entire TED Talk video library and tailors it to iPad/mobile users in an elegant way.

The TED App provides unique features for mobile device users to search, sort, download and view. One feature is the “Inspire Me” button, revealing an elegant watch face (thanks to supporting partner Rolex) to match the time you have with the type of TED Talk you want to view. The videos play in high or low resolution depending upon the connection. The content can also be transferred from mobile device to a home entertainment system via AirPlay or Chromecast.

The app is free and can be downloaded both on App Store and Google Play.


The ChemCrafter App - Chemistry Experiments Made Fun 

Chemical Heritage Foundation’s Mission Statement is, “To foster dialogue on science and technology in society.” The Foundation’s Appy Awards entry, ChemCrafter App, puts this mission statement into action by creating a virtual science lab, tapping into one’s curiosity about the how’s and why’s of chemical reactions.

ChemCrafter provides tutorials to guide you though experiments with water, acids, and salts. The user will witness surprising color changes, fire and smoke, the release of gases, and the shattering of equipment. The “Chem-o-Convertor” helps measure energy released, which racks up points to unlock new experiments, equipment, and chemicals. You also earn trophy-room badges as you become more sophisticated with your experimentation.

The look and feel of this app is collaboration between the Chemical Heritage Foundation and Emmy Award-winning digital agency Bluecadet. The app features retro-style custom illustrations, a la Dexter’s Laboratory, which itself paid homage to the 1950’s when chemistry sets were standard issue to young, curious minds.

The app was created for ages 12-15, but understandably appeals to anyone who thinks chemistry experiments are awesome. Excuse me while I go back to my lab to create a “Pharaoh’s Snake” out of mercury thiocyanate. 

ChemCrafter is free and available on iTunes.


Humanity - For the Explorer, Traveler, and Adventurer in You 

“Authentic” travellers look to expand their worldview by connecting with people and experiencing their culture, customs, and lifestyle. APPY Award entrant Humanity, created for the iPad, gives users an intimate and exhilarating look at destinations, peoples and cultures from around the world.  

Humanity is a bi-monthly interactive periodical whose goal is to inspire “authentic” travel. Each issue brings you closer to a destination through cultural immersion and profiles of individuals that contribute to that country’s uniqueness. 

This app is the brainchild of Kerrin Sheldon and Gaston Blanchet, two self-taught filmmakers and world travelers who are storytellers, not tourist guides. Each issue takes months to produce and all content is original, from stunning short documentaries to profiles of local people. The app takes full advantage of the iPad experience, featuring rich visual media, immersive soundscapes and interactive environments. Dozens of voices from artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs narrate the stories, giving each country a unique personality.

Whether you are preparing for a trip or are an armchair traveller, Humanity is an innovative form of visual storytelling meant to foster a respect for what makes us unique and what binds us together.

The app is free and available for both Apple and Android platforms.


Junganew: A Herd of Sounds "S" 

Last month, my 5-year old nephew greeted me with his “Merry Crithmath!” Oh, those lisping kids are cute, aren’t they? Lisping eventually loses its adorable quotient (Although I find Jim Carrey’s character from the Cable Guy eerily charming), and parents want their children to learn proper pronunciation sooner rather than later.  APPY Entrant, Junganew, has given parents a fun way to introduce proper elocution to their children.

Junganew is a series of mobile apps, both for Apple and Android platforms. Proper pronunciations are recorded by heart-meltingly-big-eyed characters like Miss Snake and Sal A. Mander. Each character takes a child on an exciting journey filled with sounds and guiding them through places like Ssseashore, Sssand Central Ssstation, or Colisssseum.

The app includes interactive mirror models, original music and games focusing on language development and other pragmatic and cognitive skills. The outstanding graphics, hand painted watercolors, add to the child’s user experience. This app is a fun and engaging tool for kids to explore the world of ssssoundssss.



Goings On About Town, The New Yorker's App 

New York’s cultural life never gets old. That is why the New Yorker magazine published since early 20th century still keeps its edge today serving a weekly dose of popular culture commentaries and literary reviews for modern-day dandies and coquettes of New York City.

The magazine is prominent for its editorial traditions, one of which is "Goings on About Town". For years, this feature has been offering a listing of cultural and entertainment events in New York. This rubric offers all the listings in an easy-to-use mobile app called Goings On, available for both Apple and Android mobile platforms for free. The app is a guide to New York City’s cultural life with searchable listings for theatre, art, films, nightlife, restaurants, classical music, and more. The event listings and recommendations can be saved to phone’s calendar and shared with friends via email and social media.

Additionally, The New Yorker’s writers and artists take users on audio tours, guiding them through their favorite places in the city. The New Yorker’s Goings On app blends much of its traditional appearance and feel with techie features, capturing New York City’s ever-changing cultural landscape that somehow stays the same.


Mark Your Calendars 

The Appy Awards Call For Entries Opens in September!

Mark your calendars, enjoy your summer and keep making great apps.

Congratulations Appy Winners!! 

The winners of the 2014 Appy Awards were named last night at the Crowne Plaza Times Square.

The APPY Awards, part of Internet Week New York, honor applications on all platforms and is dedicated to acknowledging creativity and excellence in app design.

The Glasses.com app earned Best In Show by using the very latest in technology and optimum engagement value to virtualize the most basic shopper behavior – the try-on.  The 3Dfit technology renders the user’s own face into a 3D model that can try on a myriad of eyeglass styles. Better still, the app allows for side-by-side comparisons of try-ons, even soliciting opinions from friends via social channels. 

The technology is dazzling in its accuracy and its engagement value. But the real magic of the app is how well it wraps the technology in a richer set of tools and services that virtualizes and even enhances the shopping for glasses ritual itself.

Ken Fadner, Chairman, MediaPost Publications, founded the Appy Awards to inspire and reward app developers: 
"Now in our fourth year, we continue to be amazed by the growth of the app development industry and the creativity and innovation that raises the bar each year. We are excited about this year’s winners and hope that the list will surface many new apps for people to enjoy."

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