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The Citizen Journalist 

Developer: Newzulu


Google Play


Newzulu is a crowd-sourced media company whose app allows “anybody, anywhere, with a mobile device and a story, to share news, get published and get paid”.

Headquartered in New York, Newzulu is a global news platform through partnerships with international news services and stock photo agencies.

According to Newzulu, their news platform boasts over 100,000 professional and citizen journalists. This community publishes video, photos and articles. Topics range from news, lifestyle, weather, celebrities, sports and entertainment.

Newzulu employs a team of editors to vet these submissions. Vetted submissions are marketed globally through Newzulu Wire or one of its affiliate partners and licensed to newspapers, websites and magazines.  Royalties, minus Newzulu’s fee, are paid to the content creator.

In looking at a week’s worth of stories, it is interesting to see how the world at large prioritizes what is “front page”. It is also interesting to see how the United States is viewed by the outside world, particularly in this election year.


Make The World Your Design Partner 


Developer: Adobe


Google Play

Demo Video

Price: Free

Adobe’s Capture CC turns any photo into a color theme, Look, vector graphic or unique brush that you can use in your creative projects. Best of all, the assets created by Capture CC are, through Adobe CreativeSync, added to your Creative Cloud library to use in other Adobe apps such as Adobe Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC or After Effects CC.   

Capture CC now supports Apple Pencil and IPad Pro, so you can start work on any of your devices and seamlessly pick up the project on another.

Launched at Adobe MAX 2015 in October, Capture CC is a powerful app for design professionals and creatives to capture and create digital assets whenever inspiration strikes. Both the iOS, updated in February 2016, and Android version, updated in January 2016, have a 4.5 star rating on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Capture CC puts the entire world at your fingertips, with endless possibilities to make the most of what inspires you.


For All You Armchair Cookbook Publishers 

On the Web: 

Ever dream of publishing your own cookbook?

Cookbook Café, created by food social network and recipe swap and the producers of TECHmunch (food blogger conference), have created what they call the first and only cookbook publishing platform that enables major brands, non-profit organizations and home chefs to create and mass-distribute branded, interactive ebook and app-based cookbooks. These cookbooks can be either iPad apps or web-based ebooks, to be given away or sold for profit or fundraising via the Cookbook Cafe storefront, reaching an audience of over 1.0MM in the BakeSpace community.

 Discoverability, key to successful ebook and app publishing, is one of the app’s strengths via its proprietary contextual search and indexing system. Consumers can find recipes across all the cookbooks offered in the Cookbook Cafe marketplace. Searches can also be conducted on the basis of food categories, cost, and reviews. The ability to message authors directly gives CookBook Café a level of interaction that is a dream of many cooks.

Compared to other do-it-yourself publishing services, Cookbook Cafe is unique as it is free and not limited by technology platform. It functions across different types of devices, including the iPad and any desktop or mobile web browser. If you desire to crowdsource recipes to include content from family members, friends, co-workers and others, it is easy to invite them and easy for them to contribute.

CookBook Café offers a free online cookbook builder, an iPad and web-based storefront to market/sell (priced from $0.99 to $25.99) your cookbook.  A royalty is paid to CookBook Café only if a cookbook is sold for profit. There is never a charge to market any cookbook.

Customers have the ability to quickly access all the recipes in the cookbooks they have downloaded. The cookbooks themselves provide a rich, multimedia experience as many include photos, audio, video and other multimedia. Additionally, recipes can be loaded in long form or “cook mode” when it is time to roll up your sleeves and don your apron.


All You Need To Network 

App: Pushdot
Developer: Nomadic
Agency: CreItive

Pushdot’s goal is to simplify networking by converging all your social sites, web addresses, phone and email in one place to make connecting with others easy and fast, a "Social Network of Social Networks". You can share your data with other Pushdot users and others via email or by sms.  All your contact information can be on Pushdot, and you can tailor the access to your data by selecting any combination by selecting the appropriate icons.

The design is clean and intuitive and really simplifies the sharing of contact information. Nomadic, the app developer sees Pushdot as benefitting businesses as well as consumers as it can function as a more cost-effective version of the business card.

The app is currently available on IOS. The Android version is in the works.

FacebookTwitterEmail Android App 

This week, we profile APPY Award entrant the android app. This is what the team behind the app shared with us.

1. What percentage of your subscribers use the app? Based on your estimates, how much time do they spend on mobile devices vs desktop.

Nearly 50% of all of our subscribers access mobile through our Match apps, and our members spend about 65% of their time accessing Match on their phones (vs. desktop).

2. What's principally new about the new version? 

Our reimagined Match Android app took a huge leap forward.  We made our most valued content the most impactful with larger photos, seamlessly simple navigation and two exciting new ways to discover new people and their personalities.

While we were modernizing our app, we also decided to mobilize it with a completely new experience for Android Wear. Now our members can stay connected to the moments that matter literally everywhere life takes them.

3. What are some of the app's coolest features?

Photos are our greatest currency. And our new features make them even more valuable.  Profile photos are bigger — and so is their impact. Members can now view photos free of distraction in Immersive

Mode. And when they’re ready to refresh their profile, they can add, edit and delete photos and captions from the same handy menu.

Our app also gives members more opportunities to connect including mobile only features, like:

  • Mixer helps members make rapid connections, so they can find what they’re looking for faster.
  • Stream brings the richness of our profiles to the forefront. Now members can get a feel for someone’s personality even before they visit that person’s profile.
  • Push Notifications keep members on top of what’s happening in the moment, so they can react while the sparks are flying.

The Android app is also the only Match mobile platform that comes equipped with our “Reverse Match” and “Mutual Match” features.  These more specialized features help you easily identify potential dates that not only match your search criteria, but find people whose criteria are targeting singles who look an awful lot like you! 

4. How is it different from other popular dating apps?

Match is the world’s largest dating site, and our app reflects that.  We have great site parity and offer significantly more features that help our members easily review matches, get to know others, and most importantly, make a connection.


The Tonight Show: Jimmy Fallon App 

This week, we profile APPY Award entrant The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon App, created by CP+B.

In 2014, CP+B partnered with NBC to launch The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon digital experience, website and mobile app.

For the app, the objective was to mirror not only the sprit of Jimmy Fallon’s personality and vision of The Tonight Show, but the relationship he has with his most ardent fans, his FALPAL’s.

Jimmy Fallon is an avid, sophisticated user of social media, and his fans are more than just passive viewers of his show, with their phones at the ready as they watch. This app facilitates a two-way conversation, allowing his fans to both consume and contribute to The Tonight Show.

The app allows a user to view, share and participate thorough various challenges that Jimmy gives during the show and through social media.  There are #hashtag challenges, video contests and more, all of which are culled for Tonight Show content. Users can communicate not only with Jimmy, but also with Tonight Show guests.  In addition to show participation, the app offers “Jimmy’s Arcade”, a collection of retro-inspired games.

Jimmy and his fans are not what you would call sedentary, so this app needs to be kept up to date. CP+B created a content management system to make it easy to maintain the app’s edge. 



The Sunnycomb App 

This week, we profile APPY Award entrant Sunnycomb, created by the award-winning app developers at Fuel. Sunnycomb is the first social weather app that makes weather forecasts personal, by including the emotions of thousands of users from around the world by bringing the benefits of crowd-sourced data, scientific analysis, and personalized weather reports together under one roof.

MP:  How does the Sunnycomb app work?

Sunnycomb is an innovative app that makes weather both a personal and social experience.

You use Sunnycomb just as you would your average weather app to get the current weather and forecast, but the greater the user involvement, the greater the experience, allowing the user to take part in global connections and conversations.

The Sunnycomb algorithm delivers a personalized weather forecast and will let you know how you will probably feel about it too. Sunnycomb also features a unique and sleek design that doesn’t skimp on features like other popular weather applications.

MP: Are Sunnycomb’s forecasts based only on crowd-sourced information from weather enthusiasts? How accurate is it?

Sunnycomb users will receive extensive, accurate and timely weather information thanks to it’s connection to Weathernews, Inc. which employs over 400 meteorologists in 15 countries spread across four different continents. These meteorologists use data aggregated from Sunnycomb users to fine-tune the information on a very local and personal level. Crowd-sourced photography and mood data also lets you not only check temperature and rain forecasts for faraway places, but actually allows insight into the moods, feelings, and daily life patterns of those spread all across the world in real time.

MP: How do Sunnycomb users interact with each other if weather is the number one topic of conversation?

Sunnycomb offers users many ways to interact with one another. You can comment on other user’s sky reports, follow your favorite posters, or even connect to Facebook to see what your friends are saying. Once sky report photos are submitted to the Sunnycomb database, the user can opt to share those photos with their local or global community, send the image to a friend, or apply different emotions based on keywords related to the day. There is even a built in translator so you can understand what is posted no matter where in the world it is from.


The Experian Credit Tracker App 

This week’s profile is APPY entrant Experian for their Experian Credit Tracker.

This app, available to existing Experian Credit TrackerSM members in the United States, provides a quick, up to the minute overview of a customer’s credit status.
As data breaches become increasingly more common, monitoring and accessing credit information through a secure app is an essential shield in the fight against identity theft. This app keeps one on top of one’s credit history and sensitive to any potential compromise in personal data.

MP: How does the Experian App help users stay on top of their credit?
The new Experian Credit Tracker apps make it possible for members to engage and interact with their credit anytime, anywhere, and on their iOS or Android device.
They gain access their Experian Credit Reports and FICO Scores to monitor their credit. Members also receive push notifications when key updates to their credit report are detected. The app empowers Experian Credit Tracker members to interact with their credit, including their FICO® Scores, in new ways so they can make more informed financial decisions.

MP: How often is the information updated on the app?

Information is updated automatically ever day when members sign in.

MP: What other important features, besides credit score tracking, does the app offer?

The Dashboard provides a snapshot of members’ most recent credit health and trends, like score changes month-to-month, percentage of credit used, total debt, and how many factors are currently helping vs. hurting their credit score.
The Credit Summary shows members the five key elements that make up their FICO Score based on their Experian Credit Report

The Experian Credit Tracker app allows members to view their full Experian Credit Report, seeing the same kind of information that banks see including credit accounts, inquiries and public records. The Experian Credit Reports are updated automatically every day when members sign in.

Members can see their FICO Credit Score, track FICO Score changes over time and see the key areas that influence it. As FICO Scores are used in 90 percent of credit decisions, this is important information to know.  Score Factors tell members which of their financial behaviors are helping and hurting their FICO Scores.
Members’ FICO Scores are updated automatically every day when they sign in.

This app also provides credit monitoring and alerts, keeping abreast of
changes to members’ credit profiles, such as when a new credit account is opened, an address change is reported or an inquiry appears on their credit reports.
When these changes occur, Experian sends members push notifications so they can view them right away on their devices, allowing them to respond quickly.


The Preggers App 

Today, we profile APPY entrant “Preggers” by MobileSmith. The company provides simple, cutting-edge app development experiences, enabling the integration of data onto a mobile app development platform without writing any code.

MobileSmith identified healthcare as an industry that could benefit from such a service. One resulting app, “Preggers”, fulfills an industry need and provides the end user an informative and engaging way to track her pregnancy. 

MP: How did the idea for this app came about?

MS: Less than 5% percent of U.S. healthcare providers offer branded apps to their patients.  While 100,000+ third-party health apps are available, practically none of them are customizable, and only a few offer proven, comprehensive information.  At the same time, multiple research shows that when it comes to mobile advice, patients still trust their healthcare provider the most.  So, creating a branded pregnancy app for hospitals was a no-brainer.  

Our customer Customized Communications, a medical publishing company that sells pregnancy- and childbirth-related content to healthcare providers nationwide, partnered with MobileSmith to release their award-winning The Gift of Motherhood app.  

The MobileSmith platform allows not only creating multiple apps without programming, but also easily replicating/reskinning and customizing apps.  We used the main app blocks created for the Gift of Motherhood and made a model pregnancy app – “Preggers”.   

MP: How is Preggers Unique from other pregnancy apps in the market?

MS: From the client’s point of view, “Preggers” was created entirely without programming, by two graphic designers, and took only a few days to create.  It can be reskinned and customized for any healthcare provider in a matter of days.  

From the end-user point of view, “Preggers” is comprehensive, covering all aspects of an expectant mom’s journey, and it’s packed with interactive functionality. App content can be updated on-the-fly, without resubmitting or re-downloading the app. 

MP: What variables does “Preggers” track?

MS: Weight, appointments, fetal kicks and contractions. In addition, users can view weekly milestones based on due date, keep a pregnancy journal, put together a packing list and create a customized contact list with tap-to-email and tap-to-call

“Preggers” is available for iOS and Android smartphones. 


Salesforce Analytics App - Revolutionizing Business Analytics 

Technology is creating a mobile workforce, no longer tethered to a desktop. This has created a need for on-the-go, actionable data that can also be shared with those back at the office, the need to access CRM via the Cloud.

MediaPost’s 2015 Appy entrant, Salesforce, addresses this need with its Salesforce Analytics Cloud, powered by Wave. This app revamps business analytics, serving IT, analysts and any end user whose job depends upon reacting to consumer data. The platform gives companies the data they need with a focus on UX. We spoke with the company to find out more.

APPY: How is Salesforce Analytics Cloud different from other analytics platforms? What makes it innovative?

Wave, the Salesforce Analytics Cloud is designed for the under-served business user with a mobile-first approach. Many other platforms develop solutions for analysts/experts that need heavy IT intervention but Wave empowers anyone - a sales manager on the road or a customer service manager - to explore any data source, uncover any new insights, and take actions instantly from any device. Furthermore these insights can be shared with anyone in the organization. Wave uses a schema-free approach to bring together a dynamic user experience, a schema-free approach, indexed search and a powerful computing engine into a single, vertically integrated cloud analytics platform. 

APPY: Are there particular industries or markets that are more targeted for your product?

Analytics is designed for the business user but is industry-agnostic. Whether it is consumer goods, financial services, healthcare, or manufacturing, every industry has a strong need to find analytics to run their business and gain a competitive advantage. Our customers use Wave to identify their top customers, investigate churn and retention levels, and ensure high customer satisfaction

APPY: What are some of the coolest feature of the app?

While it is hard for us to pick our favorite baby, we will say the most important feature apart from the interesting visualization is the ability to share a dashboard or a visual composition, which we call a lens, via Salesforce's enterprise social tool called Chatter. Collaboration is critical to get the job done. We empower users to find their insights, annotate their findings, and then share this with their colleagues right from the app!