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7-Elevenconfess, I have a 7-Eleven addiction...while I consider myself somewhat of a foodie, living in New York City and all, I can’t help but be drawn in by the donuts, breakfast sammies, anything on the roller grill and of course the classic Slurpee. Sometimes I need to cross to the opposite side of the street just to avoid its gravitational pull.

Then along comes the 7-Eleven iPhone app with a super simple user interface and a ridiculous amount of mouthwatering food images. How can I ever stop thinking about 7-Eleven now?! It is virtually impossible.

The homepage dashboard features fun tidbits of information and a more in-depth look at deals, events, products and store locations are all just a swipe away. When you are near a participating store, you’ll gain access to coupons that can be redeemed there. And when it’s cold out (like NOW!), you’ll see a promotion for hot chocolate instead of a Slurpee. 

Available for DownloadBeyond my 7-Eleven infatuation, this is one app that will drive customers in-store. A delicious marketing win.




FoodlerMove over Seamless, there’s a new kid…errr app... in town named Foodler!

Food Ordering Made Easy

Available for iPhones and iPads, the food ordering and discovery app uses location data to find the best local restaurants andcuisines in 48 states and Canada. The app’s payment process is quick and intuitive, offering users the ability to enter their credit card information via a photo of their credit card rather than manually entering their information line-by-line. 

Foodler’s unique “Best Bets” feature highlights top user-rated restaurants and, for regulars the app will make recommendations on new restaurants.

Our favorite feature? This app REWARDS users with points for every order! For those of us that spend the majority of their disposable income on delivery, this is great news! The points accumulate towards Amazon gift cards, Foodler swag and more!

Available for Download


Appy New Year! 

Appy AwardsThe Appy Awards are open for entries! If you made an app in the past year, chances are we have an award for it AND we'll be celebrating the best of the best during SXSW this year!

To add to the fun, we'll be reviewing and featuring entries on our blog and email newsletter. You don't want to miss the chance to be enter your best apps today!

Congratulations Appy Winners!! 

Appy Awards CoverageThe Best Apps of 2013 Awarded at SXSWMediaPost's Appy Awards recognized the best apps of 2013 following the conclusion of the OMMA Conference series at SXSWOn Friday evening, March 8 in Austin, Texas, the best apps of 2013 were celebrated at MediaPost's Appy Awards, an official event of SXSW.The winners included well-known companies like Walgreens, National Hockey League, Bloomberg and Huffington Post Media Group, and rising stars like iCookBook, Babybump and Yiftee.

Seamless took home the Best In Show award for their iPad version of their popular food ordering app.

View the complete list of winners.

Each of the winners were carefully chosen by MediaPost's Executive Jury from among hundreds of thousands of eligible apps. The jury was comprised of industry experts from companies including MRM, PopCap, MacLife and PHD.

Produced by MediaPost Communications, a media, advertising and marketing news and events publishing company based in New York,the annual Appy Awards' aim is to acknowledge extraordinary Applications, whether they be mobile, social, or Web-based. The Appys don't discriminate by format, platform or device; instead, they focus on simply honoring the best Apps in all imaginable categories: View press release here.


Congratulations to our Finalists!! 

Congratulations to the Appy Awards 2013 Finalists! Winners will be announced at SXSW on March 8 at the Appy Awards Cocktail Party. Party tickets are complimentary with anyOMMA SocialorOMMA Mobilepass. All winners will receive a custom engraved crystal Appy Awards trophy and major industry props! This year we received record entries from an amazing group of developers, brands and agencies. Stay tuned for reviews of the finalists' apps for each category.  

Good Luck!! 

The 2013 Appy Awards are now closed. We'll be announcing finalists next week and awarding winners at SXSW on March 8th. Get your complimentary ticket to the Appy Awards Cocktail Party with any RSVP to OMMA Social or OMMA Mobile -- both happening on March 8th at SXSW.

Ranger Rick Jr. Appventures: Lions 

Kids. They're adorable. Especially when they're someone else's. But when they're yours, they canbe a handful. And there's nothing like an iPad to give you a little break by distracting and entertaining the little angel for as long as their attention span holds. All you need are the right apps. One of the best choices is the National Wildlife Federation's Ranger Rick Jr. Appventures: Lions. The app was created as a companion to NWF's new magazineRanger Rick Jr., spun off from 50-year-old kid-oriented magazineRanger Rick, and animated by award-winning Moonbot Studios, the app introduces Ricky Raccoon, a new character designed to guide kids through the grasslands of Africa where they will encounter among other things - you guessed it - lions.
The app is broken into three main sections: Explore, Play and Create. Given that we're dealing with the wilds of Africa, Explore is the best section. It leads kids on a lion's paw-print trail through the long dry grass, which hides many things - beautiful wildlife photography, videos, animations, fun facts, sticker prizes and links to the games that are housed in the Play section. There are five lion-themed games: Photo Safari, which uses thegyro in the iPad to present a 3D world visible only onscreen that you can navigate and photograph, while counting the lions in the pride; Hide and Seek, find the hidden cubs; What's Wrong? which asks you to find what doesn't belong in the picture and eliminate it by touching it; Jigsaw Puzzle, which uses an array of wildlife photos and lets you choose 9, 16 or 25 pieces; and Match Sounds, which asks you to match the sound to the animal that makes it.
In the Create section, there is a sticker board that let's you make a picture using all the animal stickers you presumably found in the Explore section. You can flip the images, add them multiple times to create a herd of zebras for example. Using familiar iPad gestures, you can enlarge, shrink, flip and rotate the sticker images. Before you know it you have a beautiful wildlife scene in front of you. If you're me, the centerpiece is a zebra on its side with a happy lion devouring its innards. Fun for the whole family. Animal piano arranges animal sounds on a keyboard, while Animal Builder will provide Junior with hours of delight making twisted beasts from half a dozen different animal's parts. There's also a collection of very short stories that function a bit like Mad Libs in which you choose a random assortment of words that are then spliced into innocuous animal stories.
I'd like to say I discovered this app, but in fact in the few short months it's been available on the iTunes store it's been written up,Parents.comand the New York Times, and named one of the Top 10 Kids' Apps of 2012 by Entertainment Weekly. Who am I to argue? Here's looking forward to more Ranger Rick Jr Appventures.
Available in the App Store


I wasn't excited about this iPhone-only app at first. Then I learned how to use it. Why, I thought, would I want to make a photo magazine of pictures from my phone? The answer is easy: the final product -- the photo magazine -- isn't for you. It's for the recipient. In my world, I would send the virtual magazines to the people in my life who would want bundled photos of things like my dog, the streets of NYC, my redecorated apartment -- think parents, grandparents, cross-country friends. The app is really easy to navigate and takes you directly into the photos already in your phone. From there you just tap the photos you want included in the "magazine," and voila! Since my dog and pictures of New York City comprise the majority of photos in my phone, I had two magazines in mind. Once I had chosen 5 or so photos of my dog, I clicked through and was able to edit the cover of the magazine. I chose a title (my dog's name), month and my name to be on the cover. Then I had the option of sending to anyone I wanted through a variety of means. My mother received the photos in her email, my old roommate received them via text and then I blasted it out to my Twitter feed for good measure. There is also the option to post to Facebook. Also, this app is free. Is there anything better? Available in the App Store

Jimmy John's Sandwich Cannon 

It will probably make users want a JJ sandwich -- which leads to the app's only problem: it doesn't include any information on store locators or a link back to the Web site. If you're looking for a goofy way to kill time and make your friends laugh, this app is a good choice. After all, if you know someone who doesn't like delicious sandwiches thrown at their face, then it's time to get new friends. Available in the App Store