The Smart Way To Lose Weight 

App: Smart Weight Watchers Body Analysis Scale Tracker
Developer: App Partner
Google Play

The Weight Watchers® smart bathroom scale app is a companion to Conair’s Weight Watchers® branded smart bathroom scales product line. The goal of this smart scale is to create an app which turns the chore of weighing yourself/staying healthy into a positive, encouraging and motivating experience. Users can simply open the app, tap “Connect to Scale”, step onto the scale, and have all their data sync to the app so it can be reviewed by day, week, month or the whole year. The app tracks weight, body fat and water percentage, bone mass, and BMI. Users can also sync their weight to the Weight Watchers® app if they are a subscriber or sync to Apple Health or Google Fit. Users can quickly access their data via the dashboard or go more in depth with detailed graphs and charts. A gamified badge reward system encourages users to be mindful of their goals and adjust their day to day behavior to improve their overall well-being. Users can also have fun competing with friends and family. It’s also one of the few scale companion apps to offer a tablet-optimized experience.