8:00 AM         Breakfast

8:45 AM         Welcome and Opening Remarks

                       MC: Steve Smith, Editorial Director, Events, MediaPost
                       Bob Garfield,
Columnist, MediaPost and Co-Host WNYC’s On the Media
                       Jerry Wind, Lauder Professor and Professor of Marketing, The Wharton School

9:00 AM         Morning Keynote: Too Much F**king Perspective
                      Harry Shearer
, Actor and Author

                      Before we can build business models to sustain journalism into the future, we have to examine
                      how it lost its “value proposition” in the first place

9:40AM        What Exactly Are We Offering?

                    For centuries, media have been selling: 1) impressions in 2) a particular editorial
                    environment. Have both those fundamental values been obsoleted? In a highly distributed
                    infrastructure, what product are media companies selling – to advertisers – to consumers?
                    Are news and information publishers in particular at risk of losing sight of their mission?

Moderator:    Linda Thomas Brooks, President and CEO, The Association of Magazine Media

Panelists:      Vivian Schiller, Media Consultant; Former NYT, NPR, NBC, Twitter
                    Bob Liodice, President and CEO, Association of National Advertisers
                    Maria Rodale, CEO and Chairman, Rodale Inc.

10:05 AM     Sub-Committee Discussion and Report
Is your company’s priority to save itself or to preserve its mission?

10:30 AM      Beyond Advertising
Jerry Wind, Lauder Professor and Professor of Marketing, The Wharton School.
                     Author of “Beyond Advertising: Creating Value Through All Customer Touchpoints”.

11:00AM        Break

11:30AM        Your Business Model Has Just Imploded…Now What?
Advertisers are losing faith in advertising, and many think they can publish to consumers
                      themselves. The digital attention economy is highly fragmented market with two or three
                      gateways racking up all the tolls. Scarcity is a distant memory, and your brand has been
                      reduced to a microscopic logo along with countless others in someone's mobile social feed.
                      So, what's the plan? What alternative revenue streams are and are not sustainable?

Moderator      Jennifer Ferro, President, KCRW

Panelists         Eamonn Store, CEO, North America, Guardian News & Media
                      Mike Federle, President & COO, Forbes Media LLC
                      David Rubin, SVP, Head of Brand, The New York Times

12:00PM       Sub-Committee Discussion and Report
Other than traditional advertising, which revenue stream will be the key driver of growth
                      in 2021? In 2026?

12:30 PM       Lunch

1:00PM          Lunchtime Keynote: Craig’s To-Do List: #1 Save Journalism
                      Craig Newmark, Founder
, Craig’s list, Craig Connects and Founding Funder for
                      The Trust Project

                      After accelerating the digital disruption of a centuries-old newspaper model,
                      Craig Newmark is out to help quality journalism thrive in the new search/social newsstand.

1:40PM          Interview With A Vampire: AdBlock Plus Faces The Villagers
                      Steve Smith,
Editorial Director, Events, MediaPost will interview
                      Job Plas, Senior Manager of Global Partnerships for Eyeo GmbH.

2:00 PM         Instant Horror Stories: Surviving The Ever-Shifting Social Platforms. Can Facebook,
et al Overcome Ominous False Starts to Fulfill the Promise of Social

Can social platforms fulfill the promise of a distribution model with sustainable economics?
                      And, how can publishers really profit from distributors whose algorithms, priorities and
                     media friendliness keep shifting? Is this any way to run a newsstand?

Moderator      David Chavern, CEO, News Media Alliance

Panelists         Tony Haille, Founding CEO and Advisor, Chartbeat
                      Maia McCann, Editor In Chief, LittleThings
                      Allison Mezzafonte, Senior VP of US Operations, Bauer Xcel Media

2:30 PM         Sub-Committee Discussions and Report
Can media brands gain any real leverage with social platform distributors or are they doomed
                      to chasing the platforms’ latest algorithm or business whims?

3:00 PM         Sustainable Journalism: The Philadelphia Media Network Experiment
                       Terry Egger,
Publisher, Philadelphia Media Network
                      Jim Friedlich, Executive Director, The Institute for Journalism in New Media

3:30 PM         Break

3:45 PM         I’m Gonna Build A Wall, And Consumers Will Pay For It
                      Trevor Kaufman,
CEO, Piano

4:00 PM         TV Is Dead: Long Live TV” Netflix, Amazon and the New Streaming Economy
Can the new Netflix/Facebook/Amazon video distribution system sustain robust entertainment

Moderator       Bob Garfield, Columnist, MediaPost and Co-Host WNYC’s On the Media

Panelists         Daniel Spinosa, GM Manager Movies, PPV and Commerce, Comcast
                      Amy Jo Smith, President, The Digital Entertainment Group

4:45PM         Closing Remarks
         Jerry Wind, Lauder Professor and Professor of Marketing, The Wharton School
                     Bob Garfield, Columnist, MediaPost and Co-Host WNYC’s On the Media

5:00PM         Cocktails