July 19, 2017
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Human Learning Meets Machine Learning

If 2017 has proven one thing so far, not only is automation here to stay, increasingly, it’s the order of the day: from the availability of programmatic inventory across nearly all media channels and platforms, to the layering in of AI/bots, machine learning and other forms of algorithm-driven automation, media buying, planning, strategy and execution are only becoming more and more…programmatic.

Even as humans empower machines to innovate in ways never seen before, at the same time, machines have amplified human interaction via social media platforms, which have given rise to new marketing mediums like influencer marketing. And yet, even as thousands of brands team up with influencers and other advocates to engage audiences across their social channels, marketers are struggling to value the impact of these relationships. Can machines help brands solve the influencer ROI puzzle, too?

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