Alastair Green

Team One Executive Creative Director

Alastair Green, Executive Creative Director of Team One, has over 18 years of digital advertising experience working for top agencies in San Francisco, New York and London. This includes acting as lead creative on websites and advertising campaigns for companies like Marriott, Lexus, Microsoft, Cisco, American Express, GSK, HP, EA and Nestlé. His work has included pioneering efforts in VR, content marketing, experiential digital and hyper targeted video.

Alastair has been recognized by Cannes, the CLIOs, The One Show, the London Advertising Awards, the Webbys, Communication Arts, DMA ECHOs, Effies, DMA (U.K.), the IAB MIXX Awards. He spends, on average, 10 hours per day online, reflecting a major cutback since meeting his wife, whom ironically he met in real life. Alastair holds a First Class honors degree in Graphic Design from Nottingham Trent University.

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Panel: This is Not a Fad: AI and Your Agency
Date/Time: 1:45 PM

As brands experiment with the bot offerings of IBM, Facebook and Google, media agencies and marketing cloud providers are investing in AI-driven capabilities of their own to streamline clients’ marketing and advertising operations. While few brands have handed their buying operations over to these AI-powered platforms entirely, the early results are absolutely astounding. This is not a fad; so, what does the rapid evolution of AI herald for media agencies? Will it force them to compete more directly with big consultancies, marketing tech cloud providers and other third party vendors? What’s really at stake here, and who is best positioned to win the arms race?

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