John Creson

DesignStudio Principal

John is the principal of DesignStudio, helping businesses design and create better futures. In 2008, John founded Curious Collective; an idea lab to attract diverse thinkers and doers to create solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges. For over 13 years, John was a partner of Addis Creson where he also served as the chief creative and innovation officer where he worked with Mozilla Firefox, Intel, Better Place, and Audi. His long career in design began at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco where he studied graphic design. He has also served as an advisory board member of Sustainable Brands and is currently an advisory board member for AIGA SF, the San Francisco chapter of AIGA that leads the design community by inspiring and educating.

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Panel: Voice Computing and the Rise of Service
Date/Time: 3:45 PM

Though Apple’s virtual assistant Siri may be approaching its sixth birthday, innovation in voice computing in 2017 has been driven by Amazon’s two-year-old Echo, and its voice operating system Alexa, for which brands, agencies and other third parties can create “Skills” to engage this rapidly growing user base. And with the recent debuts of the Echo Look and Echo Show, Alexa’s scope now includes the camera, too, as well as the microphone. How are early adopters innovating on the Alexa platform? What have they learned from trials with Alexa Skills? How does camera functionality enhance what third parties can do? Further afield, does the rise of virtual assistants come at the expense of other media? Why search for products and services when virtual assistants can provide service based on preferences?

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