Jeremy Fain

Cognitiv Labs Co-founder and CEO

Jeremy Fain is the co-founder and CEO of Cognitiv.  With over 20 years of interactive experience, Jeremy has worked across the agency and publisher landscape in roles ranging from marketing, to industry standards, to revenue leadership.  While at CBS Interactive, he launched and oversaw one of the first premium programmatic exchanges, which eventually led to his role managing all North American accounts at Rubicon Project.  Jeremy founded Cognitiv in 2015 with two childhood friends who shared an interest in making Deep Learning accessible to business.  He holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Yale University and an MBA from Columbia Business School.

Meet Jeremy at:

Panel: Choosing the Right AI Partner for Your Brand
Date/Time: 4:30 PM

AI is everywhere these days, and your brand doesn’t want to be left behind, but the options are also overwhelming. How do you go about getting involved? How do you know which AI company will make the best partner for your brand? What’s the difference between this and that offering or platform? Our panel of agencies and AI brands will help you navigate the morass of AI partner options.


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