Ophir Tanz

GumGum Founder and CEO

Ophir Tanz is the CEO and founder of GumGum, an artificial intelligence company with  particular expertise in computer vision. GumGum applies its capabilities to a variety of industries from advertising to professional sports across the globe. Ophir holds a B.S. and a M.S. from Carnegie Mellon University and currently lives in Los Angeles, CA.

Meet Ophir at:

Panel: Choosing the Right AI Partner for Your Brand
Date/Time: 4:30 PM

AI is everywhere these days, and your brand doesn’t want to be left behind, but the options are also overwhelming. How do you go about getting involved? How do you know which AI company will make the best partner for your brand? What’s the difference between this and that offering or platform? Our panel of agencies and AI brands will help you navigate the morass of AI partner options.


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