• Ford Set To Reveal Mustang-Inspired SUV
    Ford Motor Co. will take the wraps off a “Mustang-Inspired” electric SUV in Los Angeles at a private event on Nov. 17 ahead of the vehicle's Los Angeles auto show debut. “The 'performance SUV,' according to Ford, will be available in U.S. and European dealerships next fall,” reports CNBC. “The vehicle is the first of what is expected to be an onslaught of all-electric vehicles as Ford invests $11.5 billion in all-electric and hybrid vehicles through 2022.”
  • General Motors Strike Heads Into Second Week
    General Motors workers are heading into their second week on the picket line, and the longer the United Auto Workers strike continues, the more that consumer will be impacted. Car shoppers looking to buy one of the automaker's new products as well as owners of vehicles needing repairs will feel the sting. "In the weeks leading up to the contract deadline, Detroit's largest automaker beefed up production to help pad dealer inventory, industry analysts noted. But that will only carry things for so long, especially with high-demand models, as well as hot new products like the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette," according ...
  • Automotive Sales Changed Forever After 9/11
    Soon after the terrorist attacks, President George W. Bush encouraged Americans to support their country by opening their wallets and supporting the economy. "The country was terrified, war was on the horizon and the last thing the government wanted was for fear to trigger an economic collapse," according to Jalopnik. "To show its commitment to keeping the American economy afloat, General Motors launched it’s 'Keep America Rolling' initiative. It offered 0% financing on almost all GM vehicles (except Cadillacs, the Corvette, the Saturn L100 and the then-new Saturn Vue). According to Tyson Jominy, Vice President of J.D. Power PIN Consulting, ...
  • Consumers Could Be Affected By GM Strike
    Workers at General Motors plants went on strike Sunday at midnight after talks between the automaker and the United Auto Workers union broke down Sunday morning. The automaker built up inventory in case a contract wasn’t reached, so consumers won’t be immediately impacted. But depending on how long the strike goes on, some models will lessen in supply and not all trim levels and options will be available. In other words, it will become difficult for car buyers to get the exact model they want. Of the GM brands, Chevrolet currently has the smallest supply of vehicles. 
  • Mercedes-Benz Enlists Ludacris For Super Bowl
    Actor and rapper Ludacris and Mercedes-Benz announced a Super Bowl collaboration at an Atlanta school. The entertainer, who is from Atlanta, will appear in a 60-second spot for the company's new A-Class vehicle. Two students were presented with tickets to the Super Bowl at the announcement at the middle school known for using music and dance as teaching techniques.