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Requiem For Newspapers Masks Opportunities

The threat of extinction of storied titles, such as The Philadelphia Inquirer, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Seattle Post-Intelligencer and San Francisco Chronicle, has cast a pall just when some of the greatest innovations to the news industry are starting to evolve.

Some say that no online newsroom can be successful without a legacy print organization to feed it. But, Slate,, Politico, Bloomberg and Reuters are good examples of award-winning journalism groups not tied to or born from print roots.

Going forward, the two necessary building blocks of the news business will be content and content delivery. Cable TV, the iPod and iPhone marry a unique delivery system with content that users want, and will pay for if made easy. The problem with newspapers isn't the content, but the delivery. The business side was too slow to adapt. In the future, people aren't going to stop buying cars because Chrysler or GM are gone. They aren't going to stop wanting news, either.



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