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Google Chief to Address Newspaper Convention Conference

  • Reuters, Friday, April 3, 2009 9:30 AM

You have to appreciate the irony in this. Eric Schmidt will keynote the Newspaper Association of America's annual convention this year. As CEO of Google, Schmidt runs the search and advertising company that many newspaper people blame for sucking up advertising dollars from their struggling papers. (Or worse. See Murdoch story above.)

Google also is the company that deep-sixed its program to sell newspaper advertising because it didn't make enough money. All that ought to make for a interesting time at the April 7 confab in San Diego, as "21st Century" Schmidt faces a potentially hostile crowd of "dinosaurs."

Says the NAA announcement: "In the event's keynote presentation, Eric Schmidt will provide his unique perspective on newspapers, journalism and his company's role in the future of the industry."



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