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More than 70% of Adults Read Newspaper Inserts

What's old seems to be new again. Nearly 60% of adults say that they use newspapers to help plan shopping or purchasing decisions, according to early data from a survey by MORI Research. A preliminary study polled more than 3,000 adults on behalf of the Newspaper Association of America to glean their planning, shopping and purchasing habits.

More than 70% of respondents said they "regularly" or "occasionally" read newspaper inserts. Within the past month, 82% of adults said they took action because of a newspaper insert. "While new technologies have their place in any total marketing program, initial findings from this research demonstrate the enduring power of today's newspaper ads," says John Sturm, CEO of the NAA.

Some more findings: 60% of those surveyed said they clipped a coupon because of newspaper advertising while 50% said they bought something as a result of an ad. Additionally, 41% of adults said when they check for advertising they turn to newspapers. Only 14% said they seek out direct mail.



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