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Let me paint a picture of the day in the life of one of our country's 21.6 million Working Moms*. She gets up and gets her children ready for the day. By the time she prepares a quick and healthy breakfast, she is likely already checking her email. Next, our Working Mom is off in her car, most likely catching up on some early phone calls.

During her work day, she might take a break and check out the free shipping offer she received from After work, she'll stop by her grocery store, coupons in hand, to buy dinner, or, if it's a particularly busy day, her family may have McDonald's or Subway instead. After the kids have watched recorded episodes of "Sponge Bob" via the DVR on her HDTV and are off to bed, she may do a little yoga to unwind or go for a run if she can.

And then it's back online for one final check of email and perhaps another online purchase or two, but not before reminding her husband to keep his schedule clear on Saturday because this is the weekend they are finally going to paint the living room.



The many Working Moms reading this post right now may find the above profile obvious. But to the companies interested in selling products to the Working Mom, it gives clues to how marketers can best gt conectd with this consumer group. For example:

Working Moms are well connected and ready mobile marketing targets.
Working Moms are among the country's highest spenders on cellular phone services, spending 21% more than the average cellular user on their monthly wireless bills. Further, Working Moms are 42% more likely than the average cellular user to download content to their phone. Her high spending on cellular services together with her propensity to download content via her cell phone imply that mobile marketing could be an important platform for reaching her with product announcements, offers and other promotions.

Working Moms are not shy with new technology.
The Working Mom keeps her family updated with the most current technology. If she does already own the HDTV, Video Game System or MP3 device, she is in the market to upgrade it. Technology brands profit in targeting the Working Mom, and marketers can use high-end technology to promote goods and services to her.

Marketers can connect by giving the Working Mom more "Me Time."
The Working Mom is very active, and more likely than the average adult to enjoy fitness activities (such as jogging or bike riding) and outdoor activities (like gardening and camping). But she also likes to unwind with a trip to the day spa or health club. How she spends her "Me Time" clues marketers into her mindset, and suggests that promotions built around her active lifestyle could be impactful.

The Working Mom likes a good deal.
An avid user of coupons, she gets them in every form: from the Sunday paper, product packaging, and even via text message or email. Providing coupons in their many forms to the Working Mom could be a key component to any new product launch targeted to her.

A day in the life of a Working Mom will vary depending on her geography.
Don't forget about the power of local targeting. The Honolulu Working Mom will have a different family profile -- such as home ownership or age of her children -- than the Des Moines Working Mom. Make sure that when you target nationally, you consider activating locally.

In summary, remember this: One out of three households has two incomes. This implies that full-time employment is a necessity and/or desire for many Moms. In simple economic terms, it also means she has more household budget to spend. Don't forget about her. Gt conectd 2 her.

* Working Moms are defined as women who are employed full-time and have one or more children in the household.
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  1. Meredith Drews from Innocean Worldwide Americas, October 28, 2009 at 12:47 p.m.

    Really? The average Working Mom actually HAS "me time"? I've been chasing that for years now...I don't know...this profile seems more the be that of the up-scale, executive, urban working Mom than most of the middle America, suburban working Moms I know...

  2. Barbara Taylor from Germanna Community College, October 28, 2009 at 1:43 p.m.

    I don't believe there is much "me" time in the life of an average working mother. We are often the first one up and the last one to sleep. The last thing I will do is respond to lengthy marketing attempts via my mobile tools. And this is coming from a marketer. My advice is to keep it simple and valuable. Working moms basically have time for only a few seconds per message in between the office calling, the children asking a question, and the dog needing to go outside. And then we have our husbands.

  3. Maria Bailey from BSM Media, October 28, 2009 at 5:27 p.m.

    Interesting article however I would challenge the term "working" mom and warn marketers against segementing moms into "working" and "stay at home" segment. The reality is that moms have redefined the term "working". Two thirds of moms are now running some type of business from their homes and while they often will not term themselves "working moms" they are generating income and interactinging outside of the home with women business owners and consumers. Today's Gen Y and Gen X moms are using terms such as "hybrid" moms, "in-home working moms", "at home working moms", "total 180 moms" and "part-time working moms". However if you ask them if they are working mothers, they will say they are stay at homes because they place more value on their role as an in-home mother than an in-home business owner. These women are loyal to the same brands that they use in their personal life when purchasing for their companies. A big upside for companies who win their loyalty.

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