Response to Facebook/MySpace Comments

After I wrote the blog on MySpace verses Facebook, I noticed that there were a few comments and questions for me to which I would like to respond.

Do I think that MySpace is more applicable for the music industry? I do think that MySpace is leaning more towards the music industry rather than social networking. MySpace is an excellent way for an new artist to reach the public or for a veteran artist to stay in touch with fans. You can buy music, listen to music, and "befriend" your favorite artist all on MySpace. I believe a few artists even reached fame as a result of MySpace. The success of Facebook, in a sense, forced MySpace into its role in the music industry and out of its role in social networking, but I believe the more focused purpose of MySpace will help it survive.

Is joining Facebook less special now that it is open to the public outside of college students? Absolutely. As I mentioned before, joining Facebook played the role of a rite of passage into was special, almost like a restrictive club of which you become a part. It seems strange to me that my parents or my professors can now join Facebook, and it makes me wonder if I will keep my Facebook when I become a teacher (either that or securely hide myself so my students can't find me). Will Facebook's popularity decline since it is no longer exclusive? In my mind, Facebook beat MySpace as a social networking website because it was more exclusive. If this is the case, is there a possibility that a more restrictive website will evolve and outrank Facebook, or will Facebook reign as the king of social networking?

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