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Looking at my Google Chrome homepage, I noticed something interesting. It listed the top eight webpages I visit on a daily basis. After thinking about my internet usage, I realized this list actually covered all of the websites I visit daily. Here they are in descending order:

1. Facebook
2. Gmail
3. Google
4. Ball State’s Homepage
5. My Ball State Email Account
6. Aplia (Online homework site for two of my classes)
7. My Fantasy Football League
8. My Online Banking Site

I have found I have a routine when I get onto the internet. First, I will login to my email and Facebook to see if I have any new messages. I will scroll down through my news feed on Facebook to see if there is any exciting news and I will respond to my requests. Next, I will login to my BSU email account and my online banking site. I look through the calendar function in my BSU email account and check my online banking to make sure everything looks normal. Finally, I visit my fantasy football league and Aplia to make sure I have done everything I needed to do for the week.



Some of you may be wondering where Twitter or Youtube is on my list of website. Honestly, I do not have a Twitter account and I use Google to look up videos for me. Twitter is not something that has caught on with a lot of the people I know and I think Google is better at finding videos than Youtube is (I do know that Google brings up Youtube videos in its search results, but I think Google more efficient at finding what I need).

What does all this mean? It means that out of the millions of websites in the World Wide Web, I use eight of them regularly. I do this because all of the relevant information I need is on these eight webpages. I leave you with this question to ponder; what are your top eight webpages?

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  1. Bovenschulte Dave, November 1, 2010 at 8:58 a.m.

    This is nothing new. Go look up usability studies from the late 90s and you will see the same observation. TV channel habits also mirror the 6-10 usual suspects behavior.

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