My Cheatin' Heart - A Generationally Defined Technological Mishap

My trendy web page relationships are very casual. They start reluctantly, experience a bit of infatuation somewhere in the middle and end abruptly after a few days.

Although I enjoy the short-lived humor and satisfaction of being distracted from time to time, the only site I have found myself in a committed relationship with is I will admit to the occasional fling, but nothing more than casual browsing.

My most recent trendy website fling started about three weeks ago. This might be my longest website relationship based on humor to-date, but it has inspired this blog.

Let me give you an example…

Dear mom,
Please note that LOL does not mean “Lots of Love.”
Sincerely, “Your dog just died, lol”

Some of my favorite posts on this website are the ones that remind me of my own life in someway…

Dear stoplight,
Stay green, stay green, stay green, stay green, stay- NO!!!
Sincerely, frustrated driver.

Dear New Years Resolution,
Well, it was fun while it lasted.
Sincerely, January 2nd.

Or the ones that address some sort of generationally defined technological mishap….

Dear Grandma,
Yes, they canceled the internet.
Sincerely, sick of explaining how to work a computer

This one in particular reminds me of one of my roommates.
Lindsay has the room next to mine and her grandmother is a rock star. Two years ago her grandma broke 3 bones in her face because she was trying to push a wheel barrel through the snow….. what???

The first time we met I immediately noticed her 6 earrings in each ear and tattooed eyebrows. It was then I decided she was worthy of rock star status.

The other day I could hear Lindsay on the phone with her grandmother. The conversation from my point of view sounded like this…..

Lindsay: “Ok you just have to click the box and then click delete”
Lindsay: “No no no, Grandma you just have to click that box and then hit delete”
Lindsay: “Ok, do you see a list of e-mails? …. Ok That’s your I-N-B-O-X. Next to each e-mail is a little box….. Ok if you click it this little check mark or something will appear and then all you have to do is hit delete”
Lindsay: “No. Grandma, did you get the check mark?”
Lindsay: “Ok, no just hit delete” ….. “I promise it’s there somewhere…. NO it’ll just say DELETE”
Lindsay: “What do you see? Do you see buttons? They will probably say Inbox, Move To… so the one that just says DELETE”

I waited almost 10 minutes before walking in the room and suggesting that she log on to her grandmother’s e-mail to explain it better. Turns out, it was a picture of a trashcan and not a delete button.

I think this is a great demonstration of an optimistic member of the older generation who is trying to stay updated in the world of technology by at least having an e-mail account. I give her rock star points but I know it is added stress on Lindsay.

My Pappy, however, is quite tech savvy. At 78 years young, he has a 3-ring notebook with exact step-by-step instructions on how to do any and everything on the internet. His hand written notebook is the perfect system for him and helps me avoid conversations such as Lindsay’s. I must admit, he had apple products long before I did and for a while I had trouble working his computer!

Anyway, check out before my cheatin’ heart finds a new website to love.

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  1. Lisa from Ball State University, April 18, 2011 at 5:04 p.m.

    First of all, I love most other humor blogs/sites that develop popularity overnight only to fizzle out later. There are too many worth looking at to stay devoted to one for too terribly long.

    Second, my roommate's boyfriend works at a nursing home teaching the elderly people that live there how to work technology, the internet, and social media sites like Facebook. The stories about these people are adorable. They may be clueless, but at least they're trying! So many kudos to them for that.

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