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Gannett Cuts Jobs While CEO Gets Millions

Overall, Gannett slowed the rate of its job cutbacks (7% of the total workforce) in 2010 compared to the previous two years, according to an SEC filing analyzed on the Gannett Blog. The newspaper division lost the most -- 9% of the total -- though two divisions, broadcasting and Career Builder, actually added employees.

The Gannett Blog, written by an ex-USA Today editor, "has no formal affiliation with Gannett Co." -- as shown by the slightly antagonistic-to-Gannett-honchos tone of the following: "Today's SEC filing shows that under Craig Dubow, who became CEO in 2005, the company has now eliminated 20,000 jobs -- more than one in every three.

Next month, GCI will disclose Dubow's 2010 pay in the annual proxy report to shareholders. In 2009, he got $4.7 million, which included a $1.45 million cash bonus, based in part on his success in saving money through layoffs and furloughs."



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