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Times' Sulzberger Testily Defends Pay Meter

If you're getting sick of reading stories about the New York Times digital pay wall, well, duh -- Publisher Arthur Sulzberger is equally tired of answering questions about it. The Daily Beast's piece on Sulzberger's appearance at Columbia University journalism school event is thick with his sarcastic quotes. For example, when asked about the complexity of the digital plan, he compared it to print home delivery: "I know this is sounding complex, but bear with me! OK? So you have three different print plans that you can choose from. And sometimes, on top of that, you can even go outside and buy it."

Sulzberger also disputed the $40 million figure reported as the cost of developing the plan, and said The Onion had, for once, quoted him correctly when they printed a funny fake (and profane) quote. P>



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