Psycholgoy in my Everyday Life

My blog posts this semester have been slightly spastic and a little all over the spectrum in terms of topics.

I have always tried to tie in real life situations, as well as my background in psychology, which fortunately or unfortunately has created an array of mismatched, honest confessions from my daily life.

The truth is, psychology plays such an essential role in media today; however, most people don’t recognize it. In fact, there is an entire division of psychology known as Media Psychology where researchers attempt to predict and understand the ways in which people use and interpret different forms of media.

A great example of using psychology in media is in consideration of a target audience or what emotions an advertisement should target. If a product is targeting mothers, for example, the pictures, words and tone of the advertisement should focus on motherly instincts.



If you want a mother to buy her child a particular type of medicine, your advertisement should focus on the safety of her own offspring, because a mother’s natural instincts to keep her children safe are one of the most deeply rooted instincts a person can have, which will trigger the proper reacting faster than you can spell ADVERTISEMENT.

children's cold medicine

The point is, when thinking critically, I can understand and realize that every single color, line, and font type on every single advertisement I see each day has been planned and coordinated to catch my attention.

However, when I turn on the television or walk down the street, this thought process and critical evaluation is nowhere in sight. I fall for every trick in the book; particularly, humor. I get excited over pretty colors and unique designs and all this does is prove to me that psychologists know what they’re talking about.

Media and psychology will continue to be intricately intertwined. The field of Media Psychology will merely continue to grow and psychology students, such as myself, will continue to be interested in other areas such as media and communication.

I have enjoyed my experiences with blogging and will continue to recognize psychology in everything I do. Particularly, in media.

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  1. Don Flanders, May 9, 2011 at 8:59 a.m.

    You've misspelled psychology in the title.

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