Pay Me, Why Don't You

One of the most popular topics at mom-focused blogger conferences is monetization -- how bloggers can turn their posts into cash. Some of the conversations center on getting brands to pay bloggers for posting reviews -- not something that most brands are inclined to do or that I support. To me, building an audience by reviewing products for no charge is simply the point of entry for bloggers who want to be considered for future, profitable brand partnerships.

That said, as the social media space matures and bloggers' focus shifts from simply enjoying blogging to wanting to profit from it, companies need to find ways to reward those who support their business. In my point of view, bloggers who regularly provide visibility for a client's brand for free should be recognized whenever possible with other, paid opportunities, as the natural progression of that corporate or agency relationship.

Following are some ways companies might consider working with mom bloggers:



Brand Ambassadorships. Although an ambassadorship can take many forms, it generally means engaging a mom blogger to serve as the official spokesperson for your brand. This could involve, for example, an ongoing series of blog posts (yes, more than one or two posts becomes a paid scenario) or promoting your brand at a blogger conference in return for you sponsoring her trip.

Content. We have more than once hired bloggers to create content for clients' Web sites. For a Canadian toy company, we ran a search for moms who regularly contribute to its Family Club, a membership-only section of the brand's Web site. For another, a global network of music classes for kids and the adults who love them, we are recommending mom bloggers we know to be qualified and reliable.

Counsel. We have compensated bloggers for a number of advisory roles, from explaining certain technologies to designing Facebook pages.

Hosting. Consider asking mom bloggers to host Twitter parties, as we have, or live brand events.

Advertising. Bloggers would really like you to advertise on their pages. Why not follow up a great review that generated traffic with a "thank you" ad that produces additional traffic?

Jobs! There is a great pool of talent out there. Keep it in mind.

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  1. Linda Landers from Girlpower Marketing, August 18, 2011 at 6:12 p.m.

    I totally agree, Stephanie. I heard you speak at BlogHer and agree with you 100%. It may not be a popular position with some bloggers, but I think it's fair, realistic and appropriate.

  2. Tim Carter, August 21, 2011 at 9 a.m.


    I'll see your article and raise you one. Consider reading a blog post I did several weeks ago and download the white paper that takes your concept one or two steps further:

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