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Skewering Sarah Palin: A Satirist's Responsibility?

Should papers like the Chicago Tribune and Newsday have killed the "Doonesbury" comic strip illustrating excerpts from an as-yet-unpublished, highly negative bio of Sarah Palin?

The Tribune, for one, claimed "the subject matter does not meet our standards of fairness [because] the strips include excerpts from a book that is not yet on the market and therefore unavailable for review or verification by the Tribune."

"Editors, of course, have the right not to run a cartoon. But... cartoonists who editorialize, of course, have the responsibility not to be fair," writes The Washington Post's Michael Cavna, who blogs for "the comics fan."

"Political cartoonists such as Trudeau must absolutely push the boundaries with the aim to backlight the truth," Cavna continues. "That is the inherent unfairness -- and yet brilliant purpose -- of satire."

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