Media and Politics

Media's future will continue to be closely linked to politics, enabling people to demand accountability and authenticity. This is part of a long-term pattern: the telegraph and newspapers accelerated the revolutions of 1848 and TV helped the 1968 rebellions mushroom. And of course, this year, person to person communications via Social media and PDA's made the Arab Spring possible. And now, it has become nearly impossible for a regime to repress or ignore popular sentiment. Little wonder that in the States, we're seeing an increase in targeted "bottom up" political movements like which demands alternative candidates to the two parties, or for that matter, the Tea Party.

It seems inevitable that politics and government will become increasingly fragmented. And the passions that politics inspire (and the economy politics creates) will further splinter all media - from online to broadcast to print. Media will continue to demand freedom and the political establishment will adapt or die.

Gary Kreissman, Group PRM

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