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YouTube: Sounding Death Knell For Women's Mags?

Hearst's new Hello Style YouTube channel, a video version of five of its women's titles including Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and Harper’s Bazaar, features "content that goes down so easy... it makes the paper editions of these magazines seem obsolete," writes Nicole Martinelli.

One example:  Cosmo's quick tutorial on manicures is more immediately helpful than the print version would be, Martinelli contends.

"Unlike other publishing-to-TV ventures we've looked at, including Reuters TV  and the New York Times' show, Hello Style seems to cannibalize more than complement the original," writes Martinelli.

As lifetime mainliners of women's magazines -- we started early with Seventeen, and are now still hooked on Lucky, InStyle and O -- we beg to differ. Yes, video is definitely useful for expanding service feaures, but still, there's just something magical about those glossy pages packaged so portably in print... Or maybe we're just old-school.



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