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It's Not Just A Groupon World: Newspapers Still Use Coupons

  • Poynter, Thursday, May 3, 2012 2:47 PM

"...Even as the overall economy ticks back, consumers are still couponing, and newspapers are still retrenching. Sundays, when preprinted coupons and circulars hit, have been a notable success for newspapers in the past few years," writes Andrew Beaujon. "Average Sunday circulation is up 5% overall...and coupons are often credited for contributing to those gains."

Print coupons have their place even in the days of Groupon and other digital deals, as Beaujon shows by citing a recent New York Times Magazine story "that posits couponing — or, more accurately, economic activity around couponing — as the 'Key to Economic Rebirth.'"

Beaujon also reports on ways companies are responding competitively to daily deals sites, like the Associated Press' iCircular product, "an 'app within an app' that plonks digital 'inserts' into various newspaper’s mobile applications."



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