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'Nation' Editor: Women's Mags 'Entry Point' To Serious Issues

Women's magazines "do run serious journalism" next to what is arguably fluff, writes Anna North. These pubs also have a part to play in nurturing "a generation of women writers working across a range of issues," according to Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor of The Nation.

"I think one wants to subvert" such mags, added vanden Heuvel, or "to criticize some of their messages without ignoring the useful things they do," as North interprets vanden Heuvel's remarks at last night's Hillman Awards. Vanden Heuvel compared women's magazines to HBO's new series "Girls," calling each a pop-cultural "entry point" — "a way to draw in a large audience of women so they can start thinking and talking about serious issues," writes North.



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