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YouTube Next Nurtures Tomorrow's Online Video Stars

YouTube Next is the division of YouTube that nurtures emerging online video talent. It was born out of YouTube’s purchase of the content channel Next New Networks last year. As TubeFilter says, YouTube Next exists because it’s in YouTube’s best interest for everyone on YouTube to generate tons of views -- and eventually, more advertising dollars for YouTube and its partners.

One way to achieve this is to help budding online video stars become better at what they do, which is precisely what YouTube Next has set out to do: they teach partners how to use the site’s tools and maximize video views, which leads to greater revenues for all.

Earlier this week, YouTube Next announced the 16 individuals selected to be in its YouTube Next Vlogger program, which is designed for video creators that show promise. Those invited received free mentoring by YouTube stars, in addition to cash prizes. The 16 announced this week will be mentored by iJustine and Natalie Tran during three months of courses that will be taught through Google+ Hangouts. They will also receive some cash for equipment and marketing their videos. 



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