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Whither The Celebrity Magazine?

  • Variety, Monday, July 16, 2012 3:30 PM

"The Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes divorce has provided A-list fodder for fanzines in the past two weeks, a vivid supermarket-line reminder that, even in the digital age, celeb magazines are still a force," writes Robert Marich.

In fact, "the old-fashioned magazine [is still] the Holy Grail" -- at least for publicists, though print mags are of course affected by competition from the Internet, with massive drops in ciruclation for most except for InTouch and People.

Marich also traces changes such as how "celeb magazines have created their own world of stars" from reality TV, folks who are more relatable to the average Jane, while "Movie stars can be found on the covers of fashion glossies such as Vogue, In Style or W."



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