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Time Inc. To Sell Highly Targeted Digital Ads

Time Inc. plans to sells "digital products to advertisers tailored to a level of specificity not previously available," writes Amy Chozick. "Marketers hoping to reach new mothers, for instance, can incorporate messaging into an issue of People magazine (and its various app and online editions) with Jessica Simpson’s baby photos..."

Chozick's interview with and profile of the company's CEO, Laura Lang, shows her speaking "in the kind of friendly, on-brand vernacular of an advertising executive in a pitch meeting," mentioning Time Inc. "not as a magazine publisher, but as a branded news and entertainment company." Lang promises "lots of new products for advertisers."

Lang "seems to be on tailoring the company’s magazine properties around the digital consumer," writes Chozick. "Driving that plan is a trove of research that breaks down readers’ daily news cycle."



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