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Mags -- Including 'Bird Talk' -- Continue To Fall

Several takes on the diminished future of print magazines just appeared in The New York Times. In the first, Times editors lament the death of the print version of Bird Talk, (targeted to those concerned with, yes, the beings that literally do tweet), and ask readers to comment on which late magazines they miss the most. Magazine with the most mentions? Gourmet.

In another post, David Carr notes the ominous nature of the latest newsstand circulation figures for the mag industry overall (almost 10% down); analyzes the mistakes made by Newsweek Editor Tina Brown, "an odd choice to be [the publication's] savior"; and presents a telling anecdote. In a doctor's waiting room stocked plentifully "with the pride of American publishing, all manner of topics and fancy covers yelling for attention... A mother and a daughter were locked in conversation, but everyone else was busy reading — their phones."



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