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Oprah Winfrey Wants Younger Readers For 'O' Magazine

In the wake of O magazine's 22% drop in newsstand sales after the end of Oprah Winfrey's syndicated talk show, the media magnate is looking to attract readers younger than the pub's median age of 49. Winfrey wants to target women "in their 30s or perhaps their 20s, to be able to reach people when they are looking to fulfill their destiny,” Winfrey tells Christine Haughney. But what's the pub's strategy for this goal,  when "articles in women’s magazines like Glamour or Cosmopolitan often focus on new sex positions to try and embarrassing dates," while recent O "articles discussed how tea helps lower blood pressure and offered advice on how to talk to a doctor about medical history"? Winfrey doesn't make this clear. She's also defensive about the media's coverage of the struggles at her cable network OWN: “The press tried to cut me off at the knees,” is her quote.



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