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'Good Housekeeping' Revamps Mightily

  • Adweek, Monday, December 10, 2012 4:18 PM

The 130-year-old Good Housekeeping's "major face-lift" begins with its January issue, with revamped logo (less emphasis on the word "Housekeeping," which research found "was a major turn-off for" potential younger readers), layout, graphics and edit content, with fewer parenting and more beauty stories, writes Emma Bazilian. The "concept of service" is redefined as the "'service of discovery,' which [editor in chief Rosemary] Ellis describes as 'a really useful piece of information that doubles as cocktail party information.' (Fun fact: Did you know that you can use chalk dust to keep silver utensils from tarnishing?)"

(Um, does that sound weird to you? Do GH editors really see women talking up household facts at parties -- or is that a throwback to the old 1950s idea of housewife coffeeklatches and recipe-swapping?)



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