Beauty After Baby: How To Relate To Moms During A Time Of Change (And Opportunity!)

Having a baby is a beautiful experience – except you certainly don’t feel beautiful after nine long months of pregnancy and the 24-hour days with a new baby. We know that many things change when a woman becomes a mom – and her beauty routine is certainly no exception. Sixty-five percent of women say they’ve changed their beauty routine – as well as the brands they buy – after becoming a mother. 

The most important thing to understand is that it happens over a relatively short period of time. Once the new routine is in place, it tends to stabilize. Marketers who are interested in engaging with women during this period need to understand exactly when the shift is happening – and how. Here’s how it breaks down: 

1. The “I don’t even remember my name” stage

The first three months of motherhood go by in a haze of sleep deprivation and stunned disbelief. Even after having three kids, I’m still amazed by the changes in my body – and 37% of women say the same thing. Sixty-three percent of us continue wearing maternity clothes for a short while, even though we’re sick of them. And only 35% find time for a basic beauty routine. This is when moms want simple, easy-to-use beauty products – because frankly, we can barely remember our own names, much less how to apply lip liner.



2. The “starting to feel vaguely human again” stage

Something miraculous happens when a baby turns four months old. Sleep habits even out, feeding gets easier, and the whole family starts to get into a groove. Fifty-five% percent of women say they begin to feel more rested three to six months after childbirth, and 64% say this is when they start feeling more in control of their routine. Forty-one percent of moms say this is the time when they begin to put more focus on their well-being. I started easing back into a workout regimen right about that time, and I also started taking better care of my skin and hair. Also, I found myself shifting to products that are more moisturizing, easier to use, and made with better ingredients. (Sixty-one percent of women say that after becoming moms, they are more interested in beauty products with high-quality ingredients.)

3. The “things are going back to normal even though everything’s changed” stage

Six to twelve months after childbirth is when most women start feeling like their old selves, even though life has changed forever (in a good way!). Sixty percent of moms say their baby is sleeping through the night at this point, which means there’s more time and energy for beauty. Forty-three percent say their beauty routine has stabilized, but it’s different than before. Almost three-quarters of moms have shifted to new beauty products. Like me, they’re exploring new products based on price (91%), ease of use (83%), and effectiveness (78%). 

It’s not enough to know that a woman’s priorities and routines change in the months after childbirth. To engage effectively with these moms – and leverage their interest in trying new brands – you have to understand the nuances of their mindset at every point along the way. Demonstrate an understanding of their experience, and they’ll reward you by incorporating your brand into their new lives. And that is a beautiful thing.

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