Mobile Moms: Avoid Marketing Mistakes

As we all know, smartphone and tablet usage among moms is spreading faster than the common cold at preschool. 87% of moms now own a smartphone (up 34% from last year), and 61% own a tablet (up a whopping 110%!). They’re also using them during every waking hour. 92% of moms use their smartphones in bed, and eight out of 10 moms sleep next to their smartphone. To me, as the developer of mobile solutions for moms, this trend represents two things: an unprecedented opportunity to engage with moms any time of day (or night) – and an unprecedented opportunity to make some very big mistakes.

 Mistake #1: The shotgun approach. You know moms are mobile, and you know they love social media, so you spread your marketing efforts equally among Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, Google Plus, Foursquare, and the latest, greatest new thing. Then you optimize your placements for every device and every platform, figuring you’re better off covering all the bases.



But here’s the thing. Today we have enough detailed, in-depth data about moms’ usage and behaviors to craft finely honed social media strategies. 95% of moms use their smartphone while shopping in-store – so why design coupons for an iPad? Only 53% of moms use their phones to play games – think hard if designing a game is really the best way for you to engage moms. Dig deep to find out exactly how and when your target audience is using different platforms and devices, then focus your investment appropriately.

 Mistake #2: Demanding too much of her time and attention.  It’s all about engaging your customer and increasing your share of her brain space, right? Well, sure. We all want our customers to spend more time thinking about our brand. But when you ask too much, you run the risk of distracting her from what’s really important – and that distraction can quickly turn to annoyance.

For the first time ever, our research has shown that moms are beginning to see their smartphones as an unwelcome distraction. We’ve seen a dramatic 75% increase in the number of moms who say their smartphone distracts them from their parenting duties. As marketers, we can’t afford to ignore this new trend. Keep your communications short, relevant, and easy to understand. Better yet, offer her timesaving tips and products that will help her stay focused on her number-one priority: taking care of her kids.

Mistake #3: Leaving data on the table. We live in a time of unprecedented engagement with our customers. They’re actively researching our brands and products, sharing information with us and with each other, and allowing us to participate in their social lives like never before. As a result, we’re learning about our customers on a very intimate, granular level. The amount of available data can easily become overwhelming, but it’s a mistake to ignore it. (Your competitors certainly won’t!) Stay up-to-date on the newest technologies for understanding customer behavior, and translate that knowledge into useful, personalized communications. Use those communications to prove your value to your customer, and then ask her permission to build a relationship. As the relationship grows, so will your knowledge – allowing you to deepen your level of engagement even further. 

The opportunities presented by today’s mobile trends are enormous – but only for marketers who are committed to understanding their customers’ preferences, habits, and attitudes. Taking the time to learn how your customer uses each device and platform – then turning that knowledge into meaningful, targeted communications – will never be a mistake.

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  1. Chris Westerkamp from Active Youth Network, September 13, 2013 at 12:35 p.m.

    Just wondering where you got the 87% figure or where you sourced your data.

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