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Restaurants Adapt to Mobile for Faster Turnaround

Quick service restaurants (QSR) Faasos and Goli Vada Pav are adopting a mobile strategy to increase order turnaround time, churn rates, and improve customer relations. Faasos, a technology driven chain in Pune, is set to launch a new version of its mobile application next month which will give customers an estimated delivery time, how far a customer is from its distribution centre and load time. The application will give priority to urgent orders, especially from regular customers. This new service will solely be available for orders made through Faasos mobile application."About 60 per cent of our customers have not seen a Faasos store; for them the mobile application is a store. "We have a higher retention of customers here," said Revant Bhate, co-founder, Faasos Food Services. 

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