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Uber Ordered To Control Google Search Results

A federal judge in Florida has ordered mobile ride hail company Uber to "ensure that a search conducted with the Google, Yahoo, or Bing search engine using the keywords 'Uber Gainesville phone' or 'Uber Gainesville phone number' returns a result containing [Uber's] 352-area-code number along with words clearly indicating that the result is associated with [Uber]."

The ruling was issued in a trademark dispute between the Florida-based company Uber Promotions -- which has existed since 2006 and provides limo rides in Gainesville -- and the international ride-hailing app.

Santa Clara University professor Eric Goldman notes some problems with the injunction. "Uber can’t ensure that Google or the other search engines will display any particular organic search results, nor can it ensure exactly what information is presented in those organic results," he writes.



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