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Where Did Google Go Wrong With Nest?

Even by Google’s standards, it is now looking like Nest was a spectacularly bad investment. “When Google bought Nest in January 2014, the expectation was that a big infusion of Google’s resources and money would supercharge Nest,” ars technica reports. Yet, “In return for all this investment, Nest delivered very little.” Now, it looks like a sale of the unit is inevitable.

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  1. Mark Aydelotte from Aydelotte Social Content Marketing, June 8, 2016 at 6:15 p.m.

    I didnt see more than maybe 2 commercials on it for one!! Also, I think it has alot of potential and just needs fsome better promotion. Honestly dont think Google did hardly any thing with it as far as advertising and Social. I didnt even know it was a Google Product!! Have them give me a call Aydelotte Socail Content Marketing 856-571-5868

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