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Workers Weary Of Wearables In Workplace

Using wearables in the workplace is only but a logical step as the popularity of wearable devices continues to increase. Sales of wearable devices grew 118 percent year-on-year in 2015 in the UK as around 3 million people purchased such devices. Privacy concerns among workers may however hamper the realization of that evolution. A new study by PwC research shows indeed that UK workers are worried about employers using wearables in the workplace against them. Only 46 percent of the 2,370 surveyed workers say they would accept a free piece of wearable technology if their employers had access to the data that is recorded. The main barrier for those workers unwilling to share their information is data privacy. A total of 40 percent say they do not fully trust their employer to use wearable devices for their benefit. Another 37 percent say they do not trust their employer not to use the data against them in some way. “Despite more people owning wearable devices, many people are still reluctant to use them in the workplace due to trust issues. Employers haven’t been able to overcome the ‘big brother’ reaction from people to sharing their personal data,” said Anthony Bruce, people analytics leader at PwC.

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