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Movie Could Download in 8 Seconds With New Internet Speed Coming

“What you get with the upper bands is … instantaneous downloads,” says Paula Boyd, Microsoft’s director of government and regulatory affairs. “We’re going to move away from streaming to very quick downloads of the entire content.” Ms. Boyd was part of a panel of industry leaders discussing the future of the Internet last week at The Microsoft Innovation and Policy Center. A rapid 5G network would shatter typical Wi-Fi speeds, but the implications of 5G reach much farther than just faster Netflix. 5G connectivity to “the Internet of things” would mean more smart technology in everyday objects. "It’s not just, ‘Oh my god, I’ll be able to stream 4k video,’” said Harold Feld, senior vice president of the consumer advocacy group Public Knowledge. “It may also be lots and lots of other devices in my house talking to each other fairly constantly because they’re inside and near each other. My lamp will be able to talk to my … electric meter and will dim.”

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