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Nissan Sees Society Benefit In Internet Of Things

Nissan has said an IoT-enabled connected car has the ability to transform and deliver unprecedented benefits to society, while Jasper has questioned the billing strategy of data usage in the future vehicle. Speaking at Connected Cars 2016 at 5G World in London, Gareth Dunsmore, Nissan’s GM of electric vehicles, said electric and connected vehicles in the future have the ability to interwork with the smart home, provide electricity efficiency to users in the home and the car, as well as boosting mobility for the older generation or those less capable of driving themselves. “Are we really ready for autonomous vehicles?” said Dunsmore. “Rather, do we want to look at advanced forms of automation, like driver assistance or advances in ABS. We’re looking at freeing up the time we spend in traffic, all with zero emissions and zero fatalities. Autonomous driving can go so much further than just making a zero emission vehicle capable of taking us from A to B. We can see a time where the autonomous vehicle can be driven manually to where the driver wants to go, before leaving it to go and find its own parking space.”

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