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Self-Driving Ubers Start Picking Up People In Arizona

Uber pinned hopes on running its self-driving fleet in San Francisco but motored off to Arizona two months ago when that plan ran up against some local red tape. Now, just as Uber is dealing with an explosive report of sexual harassment within its engineering team, the company has officially rolled out its self-driving cars in the Grand Canyon state. Starting today, those in Tempe, Arizona can order up one of Uber’s self-driving Volvo XC90 SUV’s on the platform. Uber rolled out its pilot self-driving car program first in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and then in San Francisco mid-December with 16 self-driving vehicles but ran into issues with the state of California when the California DMV insisted Uber cars needed to get a $150 self-driving car permit before driving on California roads. Uber refused, then one of the self-driving cars ran a red light, drama ensued. One week later, off to Arizona the Volvos went.

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