Digital First Media Announces More Layoffs At 'Boston Herald'

Yesterday, The Boston Business Journal reported that leadership at Digital First Media executed planned layoffs across the Boston Herald’s editorial and non-editorial staff, cutting 14 employees. The layoffs were announced in June.

The paper began 2018 with about 240 employees. It now counts approximately 100.

Those laid off include Donna Marks, who was the head of the paper’s union, and worked in advertising as a graphic artist, along with another member of the advertising department.

Mark Garfinkel, an award-winning photographer who had been with the paper for decades, was laid off alongside another photographer for the paper, as well. Additionally, six copy editors were laid off; their work will be consolidated at Digital First Media’s Denver location.

Two additional non-union positions will be eliminated, as will two additional advertising graphic artists and two prepress page control technicians on Nov. 29. The work of the graphic artists will also be outsourced.  

As the Business Journal notes, these layoffs come on the heels of subscriber price hikes, which are extended to longtime readers. The Boston Herald now costs $11 a week and the company will charge extra fees ranging from $1.75 to $9.99 for “special editions” approximately four times a year.



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