Ah, fall shopping. There is nothing I like more than the thump of the mega-fat September fashion books chock full of couture fantasy and the season's crisp, beautiful new designs. Thank God, according to the September W, that the 1950s all-too-flowery "Desperate Housewives" look is over. Sophisticated black with a touch of vamp, mod, and glamour is back. Now, I just wish the book's articles were more interesting to read and I could tell the difference between an ad and editorial. With celebrities gracing covers, fashion, and feature pages, all alongside ads for Perry Ellis's 25th anniversary, it's pretty hard to tell the difference these days.

This September's editor's note reminds us that "packing the goods for one major shoot can require as many as 100 trunks and boxes." Since Kristen Dunst appears to be naked under the mouth-watering, cashmere-mink trimmed Balenciaga coat she wears on the cover, it's hard to imagine that they're talking about that shoot.

The news section announces that Roberto Cavalli is overhauling the iconic playboy costume of the 1960s ("I'll keep the tail, but it might be animalier or spotted," he says.) and P Diddy's new woman's line hands the bling over to the guys with t-shirts that say "Daddy's Rich" and "Daddy's Girl." The irony will no doubt sell, but personally it makes me want to go buy a fat gold chain to wear with my mod black coat. Also, Madonna has cancelled her membership at London's House Home club because the management apparently leaked details of last year's Kabbalah bash to the British press. But that's ok, Bridget Foley's tells us because now that "Madonna, Demi and Donatella's parties are over, the focus is "squarely" back on haute couture. And these clothes are really gorgeous, especially Galliano's ethereal Edwardian inspired gowns for Dior.

Other hot things for the fall: touches of mink on accessories, forgoing bridesmaids, Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B collection, bracelet watches, rose gold, flat boots, black flowers, punk upper East Siders (note: just buy a pair of loafers with studs) lace cardigans, a touch of pink, a chic husband, bubble gum perfume, oh, and raw eggs!

I love fashion and occasionally see my friends pop up in the party pictures, but I do not consider myself a member of the fashion elite. W sufficiently makes me feel like an outsider, so the magazine does its usual good job at serving its audience. The editorial is sharp and snooty, but the fashion is real. The editors clearly love their jobs, but I think the fact that they're insiders makes them unobjective. A little more editorial balance and sense of humor would serve them well.

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